More than any other sign, yours is undergoing the most profound personal transformation. It’s so deep and all-pervasive you could think of it as a metabolic or even cellular makeover. Of course, with such a huge process going on, it becomes all-important not to mess with it, allowing your higher Self to accomplish its purpose, which is to deliver you to this new inner territory. It probably seems like many fragments of you are coming together, into a much more cohesive whole. Even if you can’t see that yet, it is what’s happening, and this week you will come to understand it much more than you have so far. Emotions are the catalyst, as long as you don’t get caught identifying yourself with them.

No matter how it feels, and it isn’t easy, it’s the most expansive moment you’ve seen in a long time.

***This guidance column was written by Stephanie Azaria of It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.


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