It’s no accident that the spiritual path is called the journey home and that it takes seemingly forever to realize that unconditional Love of Self paves the way toward empowerment, not stuff, achievements or anything outside of yourself. Your access to Source, aka the highest authority within, is amplified such that your understanding of home is beyond any definition you have had before. It’s a reflection of the limitlessness you are tapped into. The stuff of the world may feel too small and ignite some inner tantrums, but have patience. Change happens instantly, but it also takes getting use to and a stable presence will conduct disruptive energy better than anything else. Continue to explore the positive in all you experience. The New Moon this week promises a recognition of your blend of spiritual power and you just need to let it come through.

Personal readings are offered at the exchange of $137 for 45 minutes or $150 for one hour. Half hour sessions are offered at $75. Readings are conducted on the phone and all sessions include a recording of the session. Email to set up an appointment.