If you’re going to be free to go where you want to go, (which has yet to be determined), you’ll need to tie up those old loose ends once and for all, and this is your moment to do so. ‘Just do it’ comes to mind. There’s no real way to motivate yourself beyond the level you’re already at, until you get moving and momentum itself takes over. When it does it will be an experience unlike any other you’ve known… expansive and free and boundariless. When’s the last time you can say you had THAT opportunity? You’ll need to listen to that deeper, stiller inner voice, and not the inner critic that is constantly getting you to jump through hoops that aren’t really there.

Emotions run deep and it isn’t the easiest step you’ve ever taken, but it’s essential and you know it.


Personal readings are offered at the exchange of $150 for 45 minutes or $200 for one hour. The NEW CLIENT rate of exchange is $200 for 45 minutes and $250 for one hour sessions. Half hour sessions are offered at $100, for single, focused questions from established clients only. Relationship readings add $50 for each additional chart. Readings are conducted on the phone and all sessions include an MP3 recording that will be emailed to you as a voice file. Email StephanieAzaria@aol.com to set up an appointment.