Whatever’s going on for you is happening at the deepest level of your being, so the world won’t necessarily know how you’re doing. That’s okay. This chapter is all about personal mastery, and there isn’t anything or anyone ‘out there’ who can help you to attain that. It’s an inside job, all the way. So, as it turns out, you’re in exactly the right place. Take that awareness and run with it this week. Mercury turns around and offers you major new understanding about how your higher Mind creates your world. It’s all about the thoughts you think. Love creates Love. Your need to attain excellence supersedes everything else now, including the intensive changing of the emotional tides brought on by the back to back Mars Saturn stations next weekend.

You’re used to these changing tides. Now it’s time to apply your hard-won wisdom.

***This guidance column was written by Stephanie Azaria for TheCosmicPath.com. It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.

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