By Philip Sedgwick

Since so much is in Virgo, the first step of this post will be a clarification in advance of what would otherwise be an avalanche of questions and challenges. Mostly, this edition discusses planetary patterns that precisely align in a little more than two weeks… and then some through September. So the term fortnight (two weeks) is a bit of a misnomer. A little temporal indulgence if you please.

I also fancy the word fable as the essence of this post is what tale will script that can later be related in legendary and mythic terms referring to your efforts of the next month?

Though the post extends through all of the upcoming month, if one spends the next two weeks in pre-preparation and activates the first transit to be discussed, which does indeed form within a fortnight, benefits shall follow.

Not only that, as should be evident by now, I am fond of alliterations. And now…

Mars in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio on September 8th – 9th. The square between Mars and Saturn is unnecessarily feared. True, it does not portend well for hostilities in Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan or other conflicts of which we know little. However, personally, there is much to be gained. Perhaps following a few dictums does the trick.

Feed the internal edge.
Enjoy the pressure of being pressed into action, whether you feel ready or not.
Work it.
Do research.
Plan and plot courses.
Follow those plans and navigate the courses.
Work smart, with complete economy of effort.
Savor each completed step along the way.
Distinguish between cheap and quality. Always pick quality.
Pursue excellence.
If your best effort is rejected, review it and if necessary, improve it. Send it out to twice the places you submitted before.
Allow yourself to feel pride for jobs well done.
Relax about boasting. The squeeze of the time will call out blowhards. Those with merit enjoy the transformation of horn blowing into soul confidence.

On September 15th Mercury in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries. There are a few simple rules:

If you have to deliver a shocking statement, deliver the shocking statement. You can still be polite about it.
Ask for more than what you want. Never undercut your desires or expectations.
Tell people what you really think if asked. No patronizing head nods.
If you want to back out of a conversation or situation, excuse yourself and get out. No apology or excuse is necessary. You don’t want to be there. End of story.

As September 16th arrives, Saturn and Lunar Node merge in Scorpio. This alignment between the task master and focus finder is fabulous. Here you can:

Clear the past by applying a healthy dollop of forgiveness to situations that still haunt you late at night.
Assume only those responsibilities that belong to you.
Focus your plan for following your destiny.
Notice those things to which you are naturally attracted, and those from which you are naturally repelled.
Make every act purposeful, including fun, laughter and recreation. They all have their purpose.

Two days later on the 18th, Venus takes on North Node and Saturn in Scorpio.

Review your worth. Petition for a raise by noting the quality and excess of how you work.
Or if self-employed, consider revising your prices.
If you feel sub or un consciously guilty for asking for more, let everyone know you’re going to raise prices and run a three-day sale in advance of the increase.
Sanction the value of purpose in life.
Sanction the value of passion in life.
Sanction the value of your spirituality.

Come September 23rd, Mercury in Libra opposes Eris in Aries.

While you certainly don’t want to be excluded, this is not a great time to announce you’re showing up regardless, or for crashing parties.
Ensure words like Milquetoast, compliant, yielding and pushover are not written in your biography.
Instead, discover how and why you are unique, meritorious and incredibly damn intriguing.
Hone the skills you need to get through the portals of special places you feel you belong (example: if you want to be invited to the Bohemian Artists Ball, create art like a Bohemian).
Apply to clubs and organizations where you want to fit in, and wait for the reply. If you get in, groovy. If not, wait and apply again, redoing all the steps above of the transits of the month.
Be firm and confident within your boldness, by realizing what you feel at the core is what you are.

We started the month with a square involving Mars in Leo; let’s finish with a square to Mars in monarchial zodiac stature. On September 28th Venus in Scorpio squares off against Mars in Leo. Mars occupies a fire sign; Venus works a water sign. The result: the greatest mobilization force known… steam. Steamy and sultry, this transit insists that unabated passion be applied to every aspect of life. If it’s worth doing, do it with focused intent and full intensity. Hold nothing back. Some may need to back away. That’s fine. Be around and collaborate with those not afraid to throttle it up and match your efforts.

So, there’s your fun for the fortnight. This year is blowing the pages off calendars. Should it seem difficult to engage any of the aspects above, that means it’s time for a consultation… or a report… or the Galactic Trilogy CD. Shop the store and get what you need. Saturn’s in Scorpio… if you know you’re going to cave and get it, why wait?

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