A few years ago The Secret made quite the splash. Remember that book/movie/wave of consciousness? According to critics outside the metaphysical realm, the book spiritualized greed. According to critics within the metaphysical realm, The Secret thinly suggested that wishing was enough to make miracles happen. According to devotees, it was fantabulous and now their lives are richer in uncountable ways.

Regardless, there are a series of transits coming up that promote a galactic kind of manifestation magic. This comes from passages of personal planets in opposition to the intersection of the Galactic and Super Galactic Centers. This midpoint, Z/ZS, lies roughly at 14 degrees of Scorpio. It cannot be isolated to a precise degree and minute because of nebulosity regarding what should be considered the exact center of the super galactic clustering of galaxies. Suffice it to say 13 to 15 degrees of Scorpio is a reasonable orb.

Coming up we have the following bodies in Taurus opposite Z/ZS:

Venus on April 26 – You have to want it so bad you know your craving is good.

The Sun on May 4 – Whatever you seek must become a part of your consciousness enmeshed within the fiber of your soul, and the subatomic particles of your DNA

Mercury on May 7 – Your aspirations must be clearly articulated.

Mars on May 9 – You must get off your duff, initiate, follow through, and create the reality through perfectly intended effort.

And guess what? In mid-July the Lunar Node transits directly over this enigmatic magic point. Those having completed successful steps in the direction of life-fulfilling, dharma-creating goals begin to hear good news.

When Jupiter transits Cancer, it trines Z/ZS three times: direct in early September, retrograde in January, and the final trine of the sequence in late April 2014. This would be an appropriate time to seek additional opportunities based upon the foundation of progress as now solidified. Be alert, open to ideas outside your personal box and have your wares ready to show and with you at all times. Opportunity is impatient and doesn’t like to wait.

In early November Saturn aligns with Z/ZS. Even Saturn’s stingiest frown warms toward those who have done Z/ZS homework and paid propitiating homage to him through perseverance and dogged determination.

Now, I’m not saying it’s easy to manifest miracles, make magical changes, and alter the course of a life. Nor is there any guarantee that efforts will be rewarded with lottery-esque outcomes. However, it is true that those proceeding with enhanced intention in the times above, and per the kluge suggestions given likely advance down the road a heap further than spectators or idle wishers.

There are a few tricky elements to manifesting the Z/ZS midpoint. The first comes in the way affirmations are rendered. The intention must be clear as to result, light on detail, and free of subconsciously sabotaging verbiage. Here are two examples of statements that fail to meet the specificity standards of Z/ZS.

I don’t want to be with a person who smokes.

I don’t want to rain during my outdoor May Pole celebration.

Both the above declarations avoid or push back against a negative. They fail state what one might want to attract. A nonsmoker could be a sloppy slug. In early May the weather could be disruptively windy, snowy or laced with hail. Avoidance statements that declare all negatives are long, boring and emotionally draining.

Consider these alternatives to the above statements:

I chose a relationship with a person who lives life with a consciousness of health.
I want a warm, temperate, fine day for my May Pole ceremony (good luck with the weather).

Z/ZS responds to statements of affirmation that are inclusive, positive and outcome-oriented.
Z/ZS observes that the forces behind manifestation don’t respond well to contractions or double negatives, as this sentence is written. Saying, “I don’t want that undesirable thing to happen,” fails to resonate for Z.ZS.
Z/ZS reports that only a clear subconscious can file a valid intention request.

Dang, if it weren’t for that last one.

How does one clear the subconscious and flip attention toward receiving the good that comes one’s way when it does? For one, conduct an inventory of personal assets… the internal kind that never wavers regardless of the economy. Etch these assets into your consciousness. Cultivate a sense of deserve-ability by using Chiron to clear out any entrenched perceptions of inadequacy. Locate the clarity of personal intention. Align the aura with the essence of the sky. Find a star and draw it’s energy into your being. Emulate its nature. Feel its vibrance and project a cheerful twinkle in all that you do. Too lofty? Lying on the grass and feeling the energy of the Earth helps. Or lean against a tree and feel it’s support. Float in a warm pool of water to sense buoyancy; Saturn, the great manifestor, would float if plopped into a large enough body of water.

Granted the above suggestions are buckets of work. But well-intended effort draws the notice of Z/ZS. Sometimes a work in progress receives a boost under transits like those ahead. It’s no real secret. It’s time to clear, intend, conceive and create, while holding unprecedented optimism, focused on the objective and free of expectation.

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