In traditional astrology, the Sun refers (rules) to the sign of Leo. Leo, of course, is known for its mane and the pride it attaches to that amazing crop of hair and most everything else in life. Astronomers have determined, that not only is there a tidy, energetic mane about our Sun; there is also quite the amazing tail surrounding the Sun’s domain in space.

For more details and to ensure that the denotation and pictures remain intact, consider the following article:

For years astronomers have debated the effective reach of the Sun’s energy upon the planets in the solar system. The point at which solar radiation is no longer felt is known as heliopause. Back in the 1970’s it was realized that heliopause extended beyond Saturn, as was the previously believed limit. The new realization, confirmed by spacecraft at the “edge” of our solar system confirmed that Pluto lives within the range of solar influence. And according to one of the diagrams in the article cited above, so do the distant planets. Once can speculate as to whether the more distant Eris and vastly more distant Sedna are included.

Early this year an object was discovered, 2013 BL76, that takes a leisurely 41,829 year stroll around our Sun. Think about it. At the start of 2003, it was believed that Pluto and a few Kuiper companions taking some 300 years to orbit the Sun were the most-distant bodies in our solar system. A decade later we discover that Pluto’s orbital range as been exceeded by 169 times, compared by the period of orbit! Distance-wise, using Pluto’s most distant point from the Sun, the known breadth of our solar system – before the tail discovery – expanded 61.6 times!

Now we learn that the entire solar system appears like a comet in space; accompanied by a preceding shock wave and a lingering tail, rich in energy. As the article above linearly deduces, other stars likely have this effect too.

What does all this mean to you? Well, first the extent of application of your Sun sign might be more significant than you think. And, perhaps your place in the solar system is more vast than you might have realized. Given the increased influence of our solar system, albeit through an energetic tail, you may be influencing other star systems with your presence on Earth and your relationship to our star, the Sun. How amazing is that?

We stand on the virtual eve of the Star of David in the solar system, with all classical astrological elements involved. Two sets of grand trines urge us all to reach out, step beyond, take the chance than inspiration and innovation might pay off if put into the mix of the big picture. And if a soul dares to think cosmically, every effort extended under the powerful, looming transit pattern affects all the planets in our solar system, bleeds into the wake of the solar system’s tail and affects all Creation, star system by star system, as if connecting all the cosmic dots, leading to complete galactic integration.

Newton dreamed of such things, but without quantum proportions, when he declared for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Quantum physics notes that every action, incident, interaction impacts everything out there, not only in present time, but in the past and future at the same time. Can the past be undone and/or become more clearly actualized with the insertion of a well-intended thought/word/action in the present? The proving ground lies ahead.

Grab the inertia. Make a go of it. Work with all the force fields around you.

As the I-Ching advises: Be like the Sun at midday. Hold your head high. Be cheerful, confident and proud of life results. Engage life. Step forward and shake that mane if you must… keeping in mind that the wake in the energetic tail following shakes and wiggles as well.

Here comes a Star of David… the symbolic evolutionary space ship that metaphorically calls us all beyond the known as it hovers over Devil’s Tower, Mount Shasta, the Matterhorn, Mount Fuji and Ayers Rock at Uluru. Can we get onboard and reach out like never before?

What else this means is that astrologers must reach out and apply the new planets, galactic anomalies and more… or they can be left behind.

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