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Recent outbreaks of intensified experiences, tornadoes of body and soul, can be traced to the double-whammy of tonight’s Uranus Pluto square and Saturday’s coming Lunar Eclipse. Around 7 PM Eastern US time tonight Uranus squares Pluto, challenging you to claim the life you choose. This has been a long time coming, and dates back to the 1960s Revolution when we awakened to the fact that there’s a whole other world here waiting for us to claim it. That unfinished project, powerfully challenged by the square, is intensifying many people’s lives on both a physical basis, like the tornadoes slamming the Midwest, and an inner basis, as many of us are being put through the wringer.

The paradox of awakening is that when greater truth takes root; that is, when it becomes more than some interesting idea you’ve heard a hundred times before, and its deeper meaning bursts open in some dark corner of your soul, not all of you instantly goes along with the revelation. Parts of you revert to fear and doubt that this great new truth is as great as it seems. Good strong truths rouse opposition from many quarters within and without. Society counters each evolutionary move of the gods with knee-jerk backtracking and treacherous undertows that threaten to drag us backwards.This reaction is exacerbated by the eclipse occurring shortly after midnight Eastern time on Saturday, May 25, which falls in 5 Sagittarius, a degree that dramatizes the great struggle in human beings between YES and NO.

The main thing to realize about this intensification of cosmic and terrestrial weather is that you have far more power to change the course of the future than you might think. As dark and crazy as the world currently is, something bright resides beneath the darkness — and it’s the light of a single awakening human soul, multiplied by tens of thousands, in many cities, towns and countries.

If you harness the tornadoes of our time to ignite that light, if you stand strong against the fear and ignorance and repression that has taken over our world, the force of your YES will join other awakening souls, and together we can bring on a whole new world.

As the old world of bigotry and fear sheds in this Year of the Snake, every writhing wriggle of soulful awakening helps squeeze us out of the dark ages. The old is deadly, stuck, predictable and boring. The new is sketchy, throbbing, unknown and volatile. At such times of added intensity a massive Planetary Death & Rebirth is at hand. When the view from the surface gets you down, plunge deeper into the metamorphic fires of the soul. Tornadoes destroy but they also purge and cleanse the ground to start over. We’ve entered the 20 Year Make-It-Or-Break-It Crossroads of Human Fate and must gird ourselves for the long haul to wrestle truth from illusion.


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