Dearest Heart Friends,

I thought I might write a few words on some of my experiences in these early weeks of the New Epoch.

I don’t quite know what I had imagined my experience to be post 21.12.12, but it was nothing like it has been! Even though it makes perfect sense to me in the context of us now being on the other side of the Shift.

Since before 21.12.12, I have had the sense that there would be a period between 21.12.12 and 20.03.13 (Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox) that would be a unique phase of the post 21.12.12 experience. What I was unsure of was just what this might entail.

So far, as I contemplate the halfway point in this phase, I can say that for the main part my own experience has been intensely physical. This is in addition to what I have shared recently of an overwhelming sense of ‘gaining my bearings’, of re-orientating, and of my sense of gazing at a ‘blank slate’ in this early stage of this New Epoch.

Everything that was, seems to have been left behind on the other side of the 21.12.12 threshold. I look ‘back’ and it is as if everything that had accompanied me up to that point, in terms of my Work, my own conscious evolution, and all that I had learned in relation to the spiritual and historical experience of humanity, was left there at that marker-line between the old and New Epoch.

Visually, I could liken it to a relay-race where the me that was racing to the finishing line, with absolute focus, handed over the ‘baton’ (new directive) to the me of the Now. I find myself walking (not running) with this, aware that the distance between the me of now and the me of then is growing with each day.

So now, there is the post 21.12.12 me continuing on in this Great Spiral called life, and, as such, I find my focus, in terms of my Work, seeming to transform into something else, that a new space is opening and bringing with it a new focus and a new direction.

I feel no desire or any need to ‘know’ what this is. I remain open to the reality that anything that I believed last year, last month, last week or even yesterday, which pointed to the way ahead may be subject to a radical 180 degree turnaround.

So, what am I experiencing at this moment and what constitutes the main theme of my day-to-day life in this current post 21.12.12 phase?

Well, aside from the absolute felt sense of ‘re-orientation’ and ‘gaining my bearings in a New Epoch’, I have also been navigating my way through a barrage of post 21.12.12 physical symptoms, including; intense burning and heat up and down my spine (Kundalini), strong lower backache (Kundalini), headaches originating from the back of my neck (past clearing out from energetic and physical system), heart palpitations, breathing oddities in the heart chakra area, (heart adjusting, opening, expanding to the New), dizziness (aligning with new Galactic frequencies and Light flooding the planet), extreme tiredness, to the point of being barely able to move, (recovering from and assimilating all phenomena that had led up to 21.12.12 ), hormone surges (re-attuning to the new biochemical-physiospiritual template), flare ups in the ‘karmic release point’ areas on my body (residues of karmic and emotional energies releasing), and, what I term, the ‘Blank Slate’ syndrome, (blank mind and thoughts when contemplating the next steps).

There are currently great influxes of Light flooding the planetary grids, and the human energy field, bringing to the surface many shadow energies for release. This influx of Light creates a ‘reaction’ in terms of dark energies and in this respect protection is crucial. This is not a protecting through fear, but a pragmatic understanding of different frequencies of energy. Also, it is worth noting that those of a certain frequency are a target for the projections of others.

So, many may find they are experiencing difficulties in relating to others, and are being forced to stand in the Light of their deepest truth and to speak, act and choose from a place of Self-Validation, Self Love and Self Worth. Many may be separating from loved ones, and/or colleagues, associates, acquaintances etc, as frequencies no longer match. When the frequency match is different, no individual is right or wrong. It is simply the fact that many are moving up to a higher octave of relating. So, it is not an easy time and in some respects quite challenging and painful as we break through to the next evolutionary level.

This phase between 21.12.12 and 20.03.13 is a period of re-orientation, re-attuning, re-evalutation (in terms of our life choices), dissolving, assimilating, integrating, and gaining our bearings as we enter this new 26,000-year Galactic Cycle.

For myself, I remain unattached to any outcomes and impose no desires or attachment to what will be. Instead, I surrender over and over to what is. I trust implicitly that what is, is what is meant to be. I am consciously aware of something that is true for us all, yet I will speak for myself here and not for others. My consciousness, intent and Calling is to contribute and to be in Service to Love and personal and global Evolution. What form this takes, and what this asks of me I am also in Service to. If it asks me to stand on the frontline of conscious evolution for the individual and the Collective, then I’ll be there. If it asks me to move in Love and to wear white and sit on a mountain top radiating pure Love, then I’ll be there. I won’t clearly gnosis/know just where Love (life) wishes me to place me or just what Love asks of me. However, I remain open, receptive, trusting and surrendered to what will become clearer and reveal itself, no doubt after the Spring Equinox.

For now, I sit and acknowledge, validate and support all the physical processing and the Blank Slate in terms of gaining clarity of purpose. Ever trusting, trusting, trusting and knowing, knowing, knowing that all is unfolding exactly as it needs to. If I listened to my head, I’d be very busy making many plans. However, if I listen to my heart, my body, my felt sense and the directive of my Soul, I realise that now is not the time to act on anything, to create anything or to initiate anything. Instead patience, space and time are all that are required. So, until 20.03.13, I shall tread very gently upon my path, inching step-by-step towards the Spring Equinox, at which point my sense is this phase of intense post 21.12.12 integration and assimilation will have completed. The Spring Equinox is a great turning point for clarity of purpose. However, we do not begin to physically manifest this, in the way we choose, until after the Summer Solstice.

I feel that the phase between the Equinox and the Solstice is a time of preparation and planning for what we will be free to act upon from the Summer Solstice.

However, no matter what the ‘directive’ may or may not reveal at this time, there is one thing that I do know. In fact, it is the only thing that I will ever need to know, and this is the Great Teaching of this three month phase – a phase which invites us to consciously anchor the only truth we can know in every cell of our Being – that Love is the Compass – this is all we need to know. We need carry nothing else other than this, we need know nothing other than this fundamental truth.

Love is the Compass, and if we use only Love as the thread for weaving this rich tapestry that is life then we can only ever weave