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I was born to revolutionary/hippie intellectual parents in 1966, and I would say that the spirit of those times has infused everything I’ve done – both the light and the dark aspects of it. As a little baby, I was at the first Human Be-In in Golden Gate Park in January of 1967. I feel like what I’m doing now is embodying the potential that was expressed there.

I spent my childhood in Northwestern Montana and Northern Idaho. I remember walking barefoot on dusty roads and chasing grasshoppers for fishing Brook Trout in the irrigation ditch. As a young man, I planted a couple hundred thousand trees in what was the tail-end of a great American tradition of working in the woods. I learned Silviculture the OJT-way and for 17 years my work kept me outside, in the trees.
For a lot of my life, I knew how things should be and was living the way I thought I should. Starting in about 2000, I went through a lot of things that cracked me out of that “should” shell. It turns out that if you know how things should be then you can’t really live with how things are.

I am blessed to have found great teachers – from master astrologers to Lakota shamans – at exactly the point in time when I needed them.

My path has a lot of curves. I am blessed to have found a way to be me.