Facilitated on Feb 10, 2013

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The Intro to Cosmic Consciousness Download

With Stephanie Azaria and Britt Martin


Stephanie Azaria has worked for many years to bring this new system of 5D consciousness to the world. She has used her favorite tool, astrology, to do so, but this new consciousness is more about the Rememberment of the Sovereign state of the human Soul than it is about the planets and the signs. It is time for everyone to reclaim who and what we are.

Stephanie joins forces with her protégé and fellow spiritual teacher Britt Martin to bring you this channeled presentation, which offers a whole new way of understanding your own higher Self. Place yourself solidly on the path to self-realization, and access all the tools you’ll need to navigate your way.

The new Cosmic Consciousness helps you to embrace your personal transition into 5D, an event we are all going through together. It is a small, but quantum shift in perspective that allows for the whole new world to open up before you. The Creator’s tools have been with you all along, and once you realize this, you’re on your way to manifesting the world you wish to live in.

The time for playing small is past. We do not live in the past any more. We are fully present. Here in this moment, with a newly accessible level of self-awareness, we have become ready to create the new world.

You asked for it and here it is!