Held on MARCH 17th 2013

Aquarian BlastLighting-VaticanListen to my teleconference on the most awakening Spring Equinox ever!

This Spring Season is already more significant than any other in recent history. The retrograde Mercury cycle takes us right to it, leaving us in a unique position to expand as soon as we hit the World Axis (0 Aries) point. This is major. It should be, it’s the most important time in the human story.

Join me as I discuss the Piscean transformation that we are manifesting right now, the upcoming wormhole, the Saturn Pluto sextile and the ongoing Uranus Pluto square. This year’s Equinox features a perfect 10 degree Grand Water Trine, OF COURSE! This will be discussed as well. This is just a sampling of the huge evolutionary forces at work on our consciousness as we move into a new dimension to manifest the new Earth. Spiritually speaking, there has never been more to talk about.


As always, included are all the important planetary events of the Spring season and what to focus on for the next few months!

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