Sequoia Retreat CenterThe Sequoia Retreat Center

11445 Alba Road
Ben Lomond, CA 95005

Monday August 18 – Friday August 22, 2014

Please join me for a time of meditation and respite in the magical Redwood Forest for this year’s Summer Retreat. The sequoia Retreat Center is an amazing place, featuring 15 acres of gorgeous mother nature for us to play in.

It is my goal to facilitate a Cosmic Connection within each of you.. that is, to bring you to the awareness of the vastness of your higher Self. To achieve this, the retreat will be filled with playshops that are unlike any other.

We will commune with the Stars, Channel the messages of the Cosmos in a guided workshop, have Satsang, and play with our Cosmic Astrology charts too. I will facilitate a More Truth Will Set You Free Workshop, which features music and meditation and a powerful vortex that is set to transmute all fear and negativity and turn it back into Love. And of course, we will have a playshop that is dedicated to the Redwoods. We will commune with the trees make conscious contact with the Mother throughout the week.

The Sequoia Retreat Center features Cabin Lodging (Bathrooms in each cabin), an amphitheater and a meeting circle, as well as a beautiful garden among the 15 acres that will be all ours while we are there.
Three meals are included, and Gluten free, vegetarian and Vegan cuisine are available.

You can have a cabin for two, three, four or five. I am aiming for 3 in a cabin, but if you prefer to be with your partner, we can arrange that.

If you don’t live in the Northern California area, (and most of us don’t), you can fly into San Jose airport or San Francisco Airport and then a car rental will be necessary. I am going to coordinate flights and cars, and attempt to get everyone into the airports at around the same time, and designate groups to rent a car together.

This Retreat will transform your being and provide you with inner stillness and more access to the new Consciousness that we are all accessing at this time.

The Exchange for the Retreat is $1385. That includes the stay at the cabins, all meals and full use of the Retreat Center. There is great Cell service and wi-fi is available.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to secure your space.

*Air fare and car rental are not included in the exchange rate for the retreat.

It is my intention to do all I can to provide a magical time for each of you. It will certainly be unlike any other retreat you have ever experienced.

Please let me know right away, as I have to provide a deposit to the retreat Center in about a week.

If you have questions, please email me…
I look forward to being with each of you this Summer.

eclipse wormhole
Friday April 11, 2014  at 7pm – 8:30pm EDT

Please join me for a very special event which I offer in honor of the great transformation that is offered by the eclipse passage that began on the Aries New Moon on March 31 and continues until the Scorpio Full Moon on May 15th. There are two eclipses just up ahead and the more we understand about them the more use we can make of them.

This 90 minute teleconference will feature all the information you need to be prepared for this wild ride, and a live Q&A so that all your questions are addressed.

Exchange: $25

*You don’t have to be on the live call to receive the MP3… Everyone who pre-registers will receive the download.

*Once you make your payment please wait to be redirected to the registration page for your event. Any trouble please email


Star dustHeld on Friday March 21 at 7pm EST


The Resurrection

This 90 minute recorded discussion offers significant planetary and spiritual guidance for the coming very transformational season.

During the last few years we have been through life-altering experiences that have changed us profoundly from the inside out. This Spring Equinox finds us at the tail end of a huge realignment of self with Self. We are entering (and simultaneously creating) the new world, and that new world is a reflection of the new humans that we have expanded into and become.

In this new order, the understanding of the big picture is the most important information to have. You won’t want to miss this!

**after you make the purchase you will be redirected to the download URL. Any troubles email

Purchase the mp3 for $25

Higher Self
Held on December 21, 2013 at 7pm EST


Merging with the Higher Self.

This 90 minute discussion covers the final season of 2013, leading us into a major realignment process that involves the retrogrades of all three lower body rulers, Venus, Mercury and Mars, one after the other. It’s a time for coming into true harmony with one Self.