Your co-ruler, Saturn, has been Retrograde since mid-February.  This period has been a bit of an easement for you when it comes to your goals, reputation, career, fame, achievements, and dealing with bosses, parents, and other authority figures.  You’re in a learning curve about how you handle power, shared financial matters, sex or triangles, and divorce so these easements are important so you can recoup and recharge readying for the next round of ambition and leadership here.  That comes on July 8th as Saturn turns Direct and you head off into the months ahead with fresh new slow and steady ambition.  You may note a change with one of these areas of life as the energy shifts now.

The 8th is a big day for another reason as well, it’s the NEW MOON in Cancer and opens the best 2 week window you have to launch forward in new directions or take things to the next level when it comes to paperwork, health, your job or job search, co-workers, people you hire to help you, services you provide, or pets/animal interests.  You may find that where you live or who you live with, real estate, or family colors these fresh new beginnings. Read More »

June gets off to a good start right from the 2nd of the month as Venus moves into Cancer and begins to smooth things out for you on the job or with the job search, with co-workers and people you hire, any paperwork or organization, your health needs, or pets.  She will tour here through the 27th and is literally just paving the way for what is going to be the beginning of a banner year in these areas for you so look at what you would like to attract here and begin the efforts now.  You may note that love is blossoming while tending to healthy lifestyle choices, on the job or out caring for the animals, or that you are finding more ways to earn.

The final Trigger date from last month’s Solar Eclipse arrives on the 6th so if there is to be another chapter to that story it will be focused on home, real estate, moves, renovations, family, roommates, or security needs.  Things can get another push forward and it can help you with any ‘eclipsing’ out going on to do so. Read More »

May is going to really give you a lot of focus on your home, any real estate needs, moves, renovations, roommates, family matters, and security needs, and this kicks off on the 1st as Mercury moves into these territories. This means you have more energy around talks and meetings, writing and agreements, sales and pitches, proposals and decisions, short trips and local activities, siblings and neighbors, all playing out here at home or over the real estate, moves, roommates, etc. Mercury works here on your behalf helping you to choose or express yourself through the 15th. Adding more fuel on this is the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 9th giving you the strongest 2 week period to initiate new directions or fresh starts here.

Note that on the 1st Mars will oppose Saturn so all your geared up energy pushing you to do something about it all will be met with someone else and a serious matter involving the goal, status, authority figure (parent, boss, judge, etc), or career needs. This will either put a ‘no’, limit, ending, commitment, or ambition into the mix, or push for more leadership and responsibilities. Think long term.
Venus moves into Gemini on the 9th and here she is going to smooth things out and help you to attract more love or money through your love life, creative projects, recreational interests, or with/for children. This energy makes things a bit easier and may bring beneficial women your way that help with interests here. Your attraction quotient is high, enjoy.
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Embrace the first week of April as yours to move ahead on any personal or physical needs, to enhance image, brand or identity, and to delve into film, music, art, spiritual pursuits, clandestine romances, hospital needs, tend to addictions, rest, recharge energy, research, or investigate. Opportunity abounds.

Late on the 6th/early on the 7th Venus and Mars come together for an embrace which means you should note this weekend period for love and passion coming together or for action and income opportunities aligning. Your sign will do best in these areas out locally, through short trips, in writing, with agreements, sales, talks, meetings, or through siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics. It might be the perfect time to declare your love or to write up that money making idea, to get the computer or iphone to boost sales or to meet someone sexy while out in the local scene or through an introduction from a brother, sister or neighbor.

The NEW MOON on the 10th is the beginning of the best 2 week window of the year to launch new writing projects or push current ones out there to new levels, to sign new agreements, negotiate new terms, propose, pitch ideas, get your sales going in a new direction, put vehicles or electronics on new footing or buy new ones, start new ventures with siblings or neighbors or get a new neighbor, start new local activities or book a short trip to some nearby locale, and to make decisions that will set you on a new course in life. Be proactive.

Pluto Retrogrades on the 12th and will stay in this backtracking motion through September 20th. This will help let up on some of the intense upheaval and transformations that have been going on behind closed doors, with a secret romance, hidden agenda, hospital, prison, retreat, depression, addictions, research, investigations, film, music, art, spiritual interests, magic, psychic abilities, meditation, yoga, or dreams. You may go back now and tie up loose ends in these areas and address any sexual, divorce or shared financial resource tied into these themes so you are ready for the next round of evolution that starts here in the fall. Look at any adjustments you can make today involving goals, career, reputation, fame, father, bosses or other authority figures, and taking the lead on decisions that help you break free a bit or shine your original light in areas where limits or responsibilities are prevailing now.

Mercury moves into Aries on the 13th turning your mind more fully to the talks, meetings, local activities, agreements, sales, writing, short trips, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, and decisions on your plate. You may receive some information today that gives you a clue as to what will likely take up much of the attention in the weeks ahead. It’s time to communicate and make choices now that you have your passion and motivation back on track.

Venus moves into Taurus on the 15th where she will begin to smooth things out at home and over real estate needs, renovations, remodels, roommates, family matters, moves, and security needs in the weeks ahead. She helps you pour on the charm, bring more beauty into the picture, amp up art here, attract the love or money you want tied to these themes, and may bring a woman along that can help.

The Sun follows Venus here on the 19th and will begin a 30 day tour of your home, property, moves, renovations, roommates, and family matters. This puts you in the spotlight here, helps you take the lead, pour more personal and physical energy into what you are doing here, and may bring some opportunity to tie in your name, identity, brand, or image to what you are doing. You will stand out so go for it. You may get the answer today to what came up on the 12th or you will be adjusting a bit more to the news you hear or talks you have involving career, authority figures, goals, or reputation.

Mars is the last energy to dive into Taurus this month and with him securely into this territory on the 20th you will feel a push of energy to do something more about the home, move, real estate deal, family, roommate, renovation, or security needs. Mars is about your passion, anger and actions so these will amp up now and motivate you to get the ball rolling.

Mercury is busy on the 20th as well and will also hold sway on the 21st so these 2 days will bring more information, offers, sales, writing, meetings, talks, agreements, or decisions to the mix. A sibling, neighbor, move, vehicle, or electronic need may also be big parts of these days. Expect surprises and changes as well as something powerfully evolving that you didn’t see coming or that has its roots in hidden agendas, secrets, clandestine romance, hospitals, addictions, research, investigations, film, music, art, spiritual pursuits, magic, psychic interests, meditation, yoga, retreat, depression, development, or dreams.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 25th brings a huge ending or major peak celebration or achievement for you involving your career, a big goal or ambition, your reputation, fame, or something involving a parent, boss or other authority figure. This will be an emotional high point for you when you see shared interests on a sexual or financial level culminate through these arenas and when powerful third party situations or controlling interests peak. For further clues look to the trigger dates of March 28th and next month’s May 22nd for more to the story. Since Mars moves opposite this you may have something happening involving home, real estate, moves, renovations, family, or roommates that adds to the culmination. Wanna go deeper? The best way to understand your own potential and where the obstacles and opportunities await you up ahead is a personal reading into your unique birth chart. To inquire about dates or rates for a private reading with Zoe email



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