As March begins the Mercury Retrograde is going full force and you will want to do your best to tackle past legal matters or interests, past media, marketing or publishing needs or ideas, past educational matters, wedding plans, or travel interests, and rethink, rework, revise, release, or reconnect so that when the NEW MOON arrives on the 11th in these same areas you are ready to take advantage of your best 2 week window of the year to move ahead on these themes. From this day onward you want to book the tickets or hop the plane, get that case on the docket, agreements signed, lawyers in action, your college enrollment moving or start setting up what you are going to teach, book the venue for the wedding or send out the invitations, or start that media or marketing campaign. Since Mercury is Retrograde until the 17th if you launch between the 11th and 17th you need to be doing so with something tied to the past, if you have a brand new venture or interest start from the 18th onward.
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February is bound to get your focused on more inspiration and original ideas and this will be playing out in two different areas of life. One will be focusing you on the higher mind where travel plans, foreign interests, education, media, marketing, publishing, publicity, weddings, and legal matters hold court. The other will be focusing you on the deeper more shared arenas of life like your sex life, divorce issues, reproductive needs, or shared financial interests such as loans, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, investments, alimony, child support, commissions, or partner’s money.

The 1st will see Mars moving into Pisces where you will get more action, drive and determination to do things in the legal, media, marketing, publishing, educational, wedding, or travel arenas. He will be sparking lots of passion, anger or motivation over these topics the rest of the month. Venus moves into Aquarius today and here she is going to get more experimental, make changes, express originality, and look for independence in those financial arenas, through the divorce or with the sexual interests or reproductive needs. This will bring love into these arenas and also help you attract income while focusing here. Read More »

There is a strong emphasis on your relationships in the month of January. This is because there is a lot being highlighted in the opposite part of the zodiac at present and this means more attention on your romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, clients, specialists, competitors, opponents, managers, producers, or other key relationships. Note that on the 6th you will either receive news or be in talks, meetings, making decisions, dealing with agreements, sales, local activities, or short trips with one or more of these people and it is going to be about an opportunity to get serious about a creative project, your love life or children. Look at ways to commit, wrap things up, structure them, or shine on the ambitions here.

The 7th will rev things up in very passionate or motivating ways and it’s going to happen around financial needs, sexual attractions or a divorce. You can expect to be really into this and in some way again your creative project, children or love life will be where the serious focus is so again look at commitments or endings, limits or ambitions here. Since Mars and Saturn want opposite things you may have a bit of push/pull over these matters today.
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