Mercury Retrograde has hold of you as March begins and it has never been more important to listen to your inner voice about what it is you need and who it is you want to be. The past is calling, some distant part of you needing to be reclaimed, a need to go back to a past identity or image, rework or reconnect with that part of you, release old pains, deal with past physical ailments, get back to some old health regime, tone up, rework your brand, or pick back up on an old goal. You have these first 11 days to really rethink what is going on here and reconnect to the past to work thing through so that on the 11th and the NEW MOON in your sign you can truly take advantage of the best 2 week window of the year to launch forward with the new you. From the 11th through the 17th Mercury will still be Retrograde so any new beginnings you give yourself during these days will involve part of the past coming with you, if you want completely new circumstances and opportunities launch from the 18th forward.
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February will get you way more physically active and out there pursuing your own interests on the one hand while it will also be giving you some fresh starts in what you do artistically, spiritually, romantically, with hospitals or other institutions, dealing with addictions, research, investigations, and development.

The 4th is going to be a day to watch when actions you take or how you react to others through passion or anger will either be inspired and further your artistic interests, spiritual aims, hospital needs, or romantic desires, OR it will bring actions that have some deception, confusion or boundary issues associated with them. You may need to watch out for addictions or doing something self-sabotaging as well. Since you know it could go either way take care with what you do and how you react.

Mercury moves into Pisces on the 5th and thoughts turn to your body, image, brand, and identity. For the rest of the month you will want to have talks or meetings, deal with agreements or sales, get out there locally or in short trips, and make decisions about your needs here. Note that on the 6th Mercury will meet with that same energy from the 4th so more information comes to light or you hear news, get an offer, see talks, meetings, agreements, sales, or decisions about what happened. Take care. Read More »

While everyone else is winding down the social scene after the Holidays your sign is just gearing up! January brings lots of invitations, time with friends, group activities, attention to your internet interests, aspirations, astrology, charities, social networking, and events. Mark the 6th as the day you will hear something important about these people or interests regarding media, marketing, publishing, travel plans or visits, higher education, legal interests, or weddings. If you want to book a flight to see a friend, welcome one in from afar, sign a legal agreement with a friend or sign documents to join the group or do the internet project or charity event, get your media or publishing event out there with the group or online, or you and a friend want to start teaching something or you sign up for a class online or with a group, all good.

The 7th will be amped up and a bit push/pull. Mars wants you to do something, express your passion or release anger, but motivate behind the scenes. This may be about film, music, art, spiritual interests, a clandestine romance, hospital, addiction, research project, investigation, or something in development that you are pushing on. Saturn in the mix is trying to point out responsibilities, limits, commitments, or endings involving that trip, legal matter, media, marketing, publishing, educational interest, or wedding. So you may be pulled between the two arenas or need to get serious about what is going on and find some way to make it all work.
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