November is critical mass for the Uranus/Pluto square that spans 2012 through 2015. From November 1st, when the 4th of 7 of these squares is perfected, until November 24th when the synodic square peaks, we are seeing just what it is that is meant to undergo a death and re-birth, upheaval and rise from the ashes, complete awakening and freeing, and deep change in our individual lives. Therefore, the first 24 days of November will be felt on a soul level.

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Why is there so much concern over the Moon events in the month of October? Because they are going to be much more active and dynamic than other Moon’s this past year. Is this something to fear? It is far better to approach October knowing that this is one of those month’s that life is all about, where everything gets stirred up into a commotion and you are moving forward on any stagnant matters rather than worrying that something will go in a direction you do not want to see. You have free will to act or react as you see fit and I will do my best to outline just what is likely to get tossed into the proverbial mixer so you know how to prepare as best you can.
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September may be viewed as a pivotal month for getting your health back on track. The NEW MOON on the 5th will give you the momentum you need to start back to the gym or back on the diet, to hire the trainer or nutritionist, to see your doctor, or commit to going green or organic. Whatever you can organize that will help you stay on track, choose the 5th as you launch date and go for it. Unlike other times of the year, if you start now you have more potential for sticking with it and improving your health.

This NEW MOON is also your best 2 week window opening to get out there and procure work, to introduce new work ideas in your current job, to start projects with co-workers or get a new co-worker that has an impact on you, to hire people to help you on the job or in your daily life, or to sign paperwork that forwards your needs in some positive way. Let’s not forget our animals either, the Virgo New Moon on the 5th is an excellent time to do something involving your animals or some interest in animals you may have. Read More »

August is upon us and with this month comes a renewed sense of creative direction along with fresh perspectives about love, children and enjoying our lives. This begins in earnest on the 6th with the New Moon in Leo. It is from this day forward over the next 2 weeks that we have the best window to make moves to further our aims in these areas of life. There may be a new love interest on the horizon for singles out there or you may decide to take up some creative activity that will lead you to this person in the course of the months ahead. If you are in relationship you may find that you can spend more time with your lover now or plan for some romantic getaway or fun activities that bring you closer together. You will also find greater joy with your children or doing for the kids around you so throw yourself into expressing the child within and sharing your gifts with the rest of us! Read More »