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All times are written for EDT

Monday the 7th
We start this week off with a bang with the first quarter square between the sensitive Cancer Moon and the courageous Aries Sun and Mercury’s entrance into fearless Aries. This can motivate us to want to push forward as we dance between the protective feelings of Cancer and the action-oriented momentum of Aries. By 8:34 AM the Moon will square Mars, adding to this challenging chemistry. Watch your communications and realize that insecurities and defensiveness might be driving yours or someone else’s temperament. Stop, breath, think up, then act.
Adding to the fire, Mercury (communications and travel) enters Aries at 11:35 AM where he will clip along until April 24th. (Albert Einstein, Wilbur Wright, Leonardo da Vinci, Charlie Chaplin and Shirley MacLaine were all born with Mercury in Aries.) There is major opportunity to see more clearly and download brilliant new ideas over the next 3 weeks, no matter how big the storm gets.
Mercury in Aries can get aggressive and combative when it’s not focused on a higher truth. So as always, keep adjusting your perspective upward to an elevated vibe. Physical exercise, inventive exploration or starting something new are the best ways to redirect the impatient/driving energy that can rear it’s head when you are not looking.

The Cancer Moon trines Saturn in Scorpio at 2:14 PM and then goes VOC until early tomorrow morning. This long VOC period can really help us to settle down from the earlier turmoil and decipher the beneficial lesson of today and then see how we can implement changes that support a more honest and nurturing foundation. Take it easy tonight 🙂

Tuesday the 8th
We wake up to a Leo Moon beginning at 5:50 AM and the energy shifts from water to more fire. The Leo Moon trines Mercury in Aries (8:56 AM) fueling our thinking with some inspired ideas. The Fiery Moon forms an inconjunct with Venus (11:53 AM) and perhaps a habitual response can be replaced with a more evolved conscious choice.

At 4:04 PM the Aries Sun and retrograde Libra Mars will form an opposition, providing one of the final pieces of the Grand Cross theme that is building. From Earths perspective this alignment of Sun, Earth and Mars happens once every 778 days. For more info > 
Truly this does not have to manifest as aggressive, ego flared, combative energy. Through our own awareness we can choose to remember that there are many different perspectives and everyone has their own version of how they perceive what is real. How about using this energy to see how problems can be solved in partnerships and apply new solutions to tired unproductive patterns. Breathe!
Then at 7:11 PM, the Moon will form an inconjunct with Neptune and we may need to make adjustments to our mood while not feeling very solid about where things stand. Ease up on the throttle and give yourself and others some space to get re-centered. There continues to be a huge opportunity to think from the higher mind where everything looks fresh.
Wednesday the 9th
Early (7:50 AM), the Moon trines Uranus and we may start our day with a pleasant surprise igniting some enthusiasm. This could require adjustments once the Moon awkwardly connects to Pluto at 9:14 AM; we may need to re-access how to balance a power issue. Ask yourself how you can be more empowering to your Self and allow the same for others.
Venus and Mars will present opportunities for more adjustments to be considered in our relationships. Focus on your own authenticity and where you may be compromising that to keep the peace. A relationship cannot work for long when you compromise yourself into a dis-empowered corner. Energies shifts when the Leo Moon sextiles Mars at 6:13 PM and then trines the Aries Sun at 10:28 PM. These aspects speak to a warm and friendly time, when we can relish family and friends and enjoy some much needed harmony. Time for a little play 🙂 Connect.

Thursday the 10th
This is a pretty quiet day astrologically and I think we can agree that we can use one! The Leo Moon squares Saturn as we sleep and then goes VOC all day until she enters Virgo at 6:08 PM.
Inside the long Void, the Leo Moon can be very self focused and it’s a good time to allow yourself some regrouping time to find your inner light. With Saturn involved, make sure that you are not simmering in some fear based sense of limitation, shine your light no matter what the world looks like. Use the Virgo Moon tonight to get some things in order and then rest up for tomorrow!

Friday the 11th
The movement of the Virgo Moon today kicks off a very busy day! She opposes Venus and semi-sextiles Neptune and forms and inconjunct with Mercury before 8 AM. We may feel an overlay of uncertainty is preventing our minds from seeing clearly. It seems as this day is designed to tap us into additional refined training for learning to trust that everything is working out. The Moon’s sextile to Jupiter (5:47 PM) lends some hopeful wisdom to the mix. Ask yourself what you understand that you didn’t before the beginning of this week and let some gratitude flow.
The Sun forms an inconjunct with Saturn at 7:24 PM and we are again finding ourselves needing to choose the high road or the low road, about something we are dealing with. We are adjusting to new thoughts that are of a higher order and how to cooperate with these new thoughts and feelings, so we can integrate them into our physical world.
The grand finally to this day is a Venus/Neptune conjunction (10:23 PM) and our hearts are aligning with our highest vision of what can be. All the clearing has paved the way for this energetic, so we could have room inside our hearts to feel it. This is a very loving, compassionate, artistic union. Let yourself really absorb the magic of this time. We are seeding the future as we shift from an era of fear and greed, to a time of love and trust. We are living, right-smack-dab in the middle of a total paradigm shift.

Saturday the 12th
The energy is still flowing from yesterday and the feminine (allowing) Virgo Moon sextiles Saturn around lunchtime. We are really feeling good about getting focused and efficient. What would you like to build into your life? What does your higher inner voice tell you?
The sweet energy of the Venus /Neptune union continues to feed our hearts with blissful visions. What do you want to dream into being? Let the romance with life carry this day.

Sunday the 13th
The Moon enters Libra at 4:33 AM and forms no aspects until 5:20 PM. We get a chill time for 13 hours! Let all your relationships, including the one with yourself, be appreciated and bask in the peacefulness of this Sunday. Later this evening, be sure and take it easy and choose to see the beauty that is all around us.

“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.”
― John Lennon

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Times are written for EDT


March 31st – April 6th 
It seems every week we talk about transformation and metamorphosis and this week is no exception. In fact the entire month of April is bubbling with the kind of aspects that lead to big changes. I continue to encourage us all to become good surfers as we ride the continuing waves of change.
Uranus the planet of awakening and Pluto, the planet of transformation, are moving to the 5th of 7 major squares on April 21st. This up coming configuration is particularly powerful when the Sun in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra form a Grand Cross, all in Cardinal Signs at 13 degrees. This happens in the middle of two Eclipses on the 15th and the 28th. Eclipses are know for introducing change. So, what does all of this mean? It’s not about predicting what will happen and it’s all about adapting a flexible and open minded attitude, so we can emerge stronger, clearer and more light-hearted in our lives.

Monday March the 31st
After the New Moon in Aries yesterday, we can be feeling ready to move forward swiftly, with lots of enthusiasm. At 10:22 AM the Moon will oppose Mars and the energy would be best directed towards incremental steps; taking them one at a time with awareness. This could prove challenging as many of us are eager to initiate courageous moves in new directions. Just an hour later the Aries Moon forms an inconjunct with Saturn adding to the need to heed a slowing speed. Think of it this way, you don’t want to spin out on the curves up ahead so take it easy and trust that any adjustments you need to make are still propelling forward on this path.

Around 3:00 PM The Aries Moon will sextile Venus and this is a harmonious connection that can feel good for our hearts and soothe emotional fires. Take advantage of this connection and make an effort to smooth out any rough edges that may have come from abrupt communications earlier.

Tuesday April 1st
The Moon entered Taurus just after midnight last night, helping to get us grounded for this April Fool’s Day. The Aries Sun squares Jupiter in Cancer today and we would be wise to heed some common sense in our assessment, as this is a configuration prone to exaggeration and a splay of big ideas. There could be some brilliant – wise pieces to the puzzle revealed, so be willing to decipher “pie in the sky” ideas that can’t hold up, from ones that can serve you well.

The Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune just before lunch and sextiles Jupiter around 9:00 PM, adding some playful sensuality and earthiness to this already “larger than life” kind of day. Let your creative flag fly!

Wednesday the 2nd
The Aries Sun conjuncts Uranus today and we get an intro to the bigger, intense patterns that play out April 20th – 23rd. Uranus can be full of surprises and brilliant insight and in the sign of Aries is can be challenging to hold back impulsive behavior, particularly if you are feeling restricted or provoked in some way. Take the high road with this energy and tap into your higher mind, where downloads of innovation and positive change are streaming forth. There are opportunities to see yourself in a new light, listen for your intuition to lead you.

Connections between Mars/Neptune and Venus/Jupiter can make it harder to see clearly what choices make the most sense and we may need to just wait until later tonight when Mercury trines Saturn at 10:03 PM.. This aspect can definitely bring some transparency and accuracy to thoughts and feelings that have been all over the map. We can trust the messages we get intuitively as we head off to bed.

Thursday the 3rd
We awaken to another big day with the Moon now in Gemini and the Sun squaring Pluto. The Sun’s square to Uranus yesterday and now with Pluto today, can reveal some of what the ‘Grand Cross Square’ in late April is bringing about. Traditionally, squares with Pluto involve power struggles and obsessive thinking. From a higher place it represents possibilities for great transformation, regeneration and evolution. Yes, we get more lessons around power and control and we can ride this wave of change skillfully, when we remember it’s about empowerment and not fighting for the upper-hand.

Venus semisquares Uranus today and this could be reflected in our relationships with rash behaviors and unpredictable responses due to exposed insecurities. A productive way to use this “not so comfortable” energy is to make note of what comes to light and consciously agreeing to work on it, rather than just being reactionary. Right in alignment with Spring, it’s definitely grow time!

Friday the 4th
We start this day with a semisquare between Venus and Pluto. Make no mistake about it, we are being asked all this week to let go and grow and this aspect just confirms it. Our hearts may feel vulnerable and it isn’t the easiest thing to welcome these new changes, but the alternative of holding on to what no longer works is way worse. Just be willing to see that all our relationships… to people, places, things and money, are being overhauled and it’s in our best interest that the compulsive, obsessive and unhealthy ones be purged. It’s all about creating space for a rebirth of what will serve us better as we go along.

To help us along, Mercury and Pluto hook up in a way that can deliver insights and solutions to all that has come up to be examined. The Gemini Moon will trine retrograde Mars in Libra at 9:46 PM and our emotional body and our physical body get a change to harmonize and do some mending.

Saturday the 5th
We start our weekend with a square between the Moon (emotional body) and Mercury (mental body) around 10 AM, so allow some space for indecision and rough edges… just take it easy and choose the high road in all your communications. We are headed for a smoother ride in the afternoon.

We get a big shift of energy when Venus (the planet of love) enters the forgiving waters of Pisces at 3:31 PM. Just an hour later the Moon enters Cancer to join Venus in an oceanic dance that is sure to sooth the soul and leave our hearts humming. Venus in Pisces for the next for weeks accentuates art, music, dreams, dance, intuition and healing. These two highly sensitive signs cozy up together to make the night sweet and heart healthy, Enjoy!

Sunday the 6th
An open heart and mind will be the best way to set the tone for today. With the sensitive and sometimes defensive, Cancer Moon semi-squaring Saturn at 7:15 AM, then conjuncting Jupiter at 4:33 PM, then squaring Uranus at 6:03 PM and finally opposing Pluto at 7:42 PM… we may be in for a bumpy ride.

It doesn’t have to be that way, if we stay conscious and observe all that is being presented. Sudden changes are part of the “Big Picture” ride we are partaking of these days. These changes can be exciting, even exhilarating, as long as we are willing to give up resisting and be more open to the new. Give yourself a break by realizing that it’s not time to see it all clearly and keep looking up. Our reality is being remodeled and upgraded and the results will be ultimately Wonder-full!

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” 
― Albert Einstein


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All times are Eastern Daylight Time

Monday the 24th
This week builds to one of the most potent New Moons of the year, happening this Sunday. Be ready for some more of “clearing out the old”, as we make room for the new thrust of energy that begins this Sunday.
Just before Sunrise, the Capricorn Moon will sextile Mercury, just after sextiling Neptune as we slept. This combo emits sweet support that could have manifested as creative ideas pouring forth from your dream world. Utilize the early morning hours to get off on the right foot and then prepare to be flexible, as this is a day when the Moon stimulates the big transformational energies that are building.

Starting at 10:44 AM, the Moon will oppose Jupiter and it’s best to stick to moderation and see what wisdom you can apply to keep you from emotional extremes. Just after lunchtime, the Capricorn Moon squares Uranus in Aries and then conjuncts Pluto 2 hours later, triggering the ongoing, ever-increasing, Uranus/Pluto Square that peaks in a Grand cross April 22nd. Days like this, you can get a smaller dose of and introduction to, the issues and opportunities that are arising in this massively transformational configuration we keep referring to. This is a theme that will be referenced for the entire year, with the peak of the exact shift culminating on April 22nd of this year. Keep clearing out old psychological baggage and continue to investigate how to stay centered and calm in a stormy sea.
At 5:01 PM, the Moon sextiles Chiron, providing a practical perspective that supports emotional healing.

Tuesday the 25th
The Capricorn Moon sextiles Saturn at 6:47 AM and then squares Mars 2 hour later, providing us with a powerful moment of deep, inner strength and then we are asked what needs to change to keep us on the right path. We have a Uranus/Juno conjunction at 11 degrees Aries, possibly bringing new life and inspiration to a union or partnership. Uranus is like lightning and can suddenly illuminate what you didn’t see before, so pay attention to flashes of insight. Remember that if you are not in a relationship with a “significant other” you are always in relationship with Your Self and there is always something new to wake up to concerning you.

At 6:39 PM the VOC period ends with the Moon’s entry into Aquarius and the rest of the evening is geared towards seeing things from a higher (less emotional) perspective and projecting future plans; we can be more in touch with a hopeful feeling, as we settle in for the night. Its a good time to explore a more whimsical, unconventional space that lives in your heart.
Wednesday the 26th

Wednesday the 26th
We wake up from the Aquarius Moon sextiling the Aries Sun and our morning vibe is energized with positivity and possibilities. Mercury in Pisces trines Jupiter in Cancer providing a rich environment for learning and communicating harmoniously; we receive intuitive guidance from our inner wisdom. This is supportive energy for resolving differences and gaining new clarity. Be willing to see and hear things in a new light and step out of your old ways of needing to be right.
We have another harmonious configuration with the Aquarius Moon sextiling Uranus in Aries at 2:41 PM and we can benefit immensely from seeing how to release ourselves from stuck, out dated, over-worn patterns that are now holding us back. Look to the Big Picture and fly over your life, taking a shamanic hawk’s view of You and see if you don’t get a brilliant insight that helps to further you along your path with greater ease.

Thursday the 27th
We have another night of sweet dreams with the Moon conjunct Venus in the middle of the night (3:52 AM). Did you get a message from your heart and a gift concerning your desires? The Moon squares Saturn at 8:20 AM and getting off to work might meet with delays, so plan for extra space and time if you have to travel far. The day enters a VOC Moon at 9:13 AM just as she trines Mars and events work out after all. The VOC lasts until 8:11 PM and with so much Aquarius reflection time, it’s optimal to spend time assuring yourself that you are loved and connected to your Source at all times.

The Moon’s agreeable alignment to the North Node around dinner time supports cooperative connections and envisioning how to create a sense of balance, while everything feels like it’s changing. The Moon ends the VOC as she enters spiritual Pisces at 8:10 PM. Let spirit use you as a pipeline, be a conduit for anyone you want to send love to… and include yourself as a reciever. Pisces is emotionally sensitive and highly creative and intuitive. This is Neptune’s sign and it is not particularly concerned with pragmatic affairs. This is another evening to be creative, lead from compassion and just swim off into the highest version or your dreams.

Friday the 28th
With the Moon in Pisces, there is so much deep connection today and all of it is helpful and revealing. Mercury (the messenger) in Pisces makes two powerful connections that begin and end this day, so watch for important communications to occur. Starting in the early morning hours, Mercury in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn bringing support for transformational communications, it helps to become transparent and reveal information that clears the air for rejuvenating fresh starts.
The Moon is very busy starting with a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces 6:30 AM, this is a great time for divine union practices, meditation and creativity that can bring a peaceful perspective to your entire day. Next, the Moon will trine Jupiter at 2:42 PM, sextile Pluto at 6:27 PM and conjunct Mercury at 8:20 PM. This is all providing an atmosphere for a clear flow of divine information that is enlightening on many levels. We can gain new wisdom, transform old patterns and communicate from our deepest core.
This is further supported at 8:48 PM when the Pisces Moon conjuncts Chiron and healing is at the forefront, if we choose to experience it. With the Moon conjunct Chiron, wounding can be triggered and released so no matter what you do, avoid any victim mentality that could prevent you from receiving all the benefits.
Saturday the 29th
We awaken to a Mercury/Chiron conjunction and the Pisces energy continues the healing potential of this time. How are your thoughts imprisoning you, what beliefs are no longer serving your Soul and how could you release the ones that need to go, so you can really show up? There is big room for contemplation with another day colored by a VOC Moon, starting at 9:44 AM and lasting until 9:54 PM. It is no wonder the Disney song “Let It Go” is so popular right now!
Venus in Aquarius trine Mars in Libra and fresh connections are available to us; it feels playful, experimental and a bit sexy! Let yourself explore and don’t get caught up in worrying about what others think so much, when Venus squares Saturn shortly after.
We may need to settle down a bit and take a mature approach to relationship challenges so we can emerge with better structures in place that will support our ever expanding hearts!
The Moon completes the VOC at 9:54 PM as she enter Aries and we may feel all fired up, so steer clear of too much caffeine today or you might not get to sleep very easily!

Sunday the 30th
This is one of the most potent New Moons of 2014! New Moons are all about starting new, 28 day cycles and with the Moon in Aries
(the 1st of the Spring) it is all about new beginnings, pioneering, innovation and it is connecting to Uranus and awakening rebellious, explosive activity. It energizes the T square and stimulates revolutionary transformation with the planet Uranus forming challenging angles to Pluto and Jupiter. This is a big day when seeds are planted for what is to come!

Choices will need be made in the coming weeks that will challenge the status quo and bring radical changes to our world. The intensity is building and as things heat up, we have a choice to wake up to the higher version or who we are and what must be transformed for us to live in that vibration. The Universe is asking us to release everything we don’t need; Weed out relationships that hold us back or cut us down and to surround ourselves with people who support our evolution. The opportunity is here to step into divine energy and find true empowerment.

Uranus is about following intuitive flashes, like when lightning strikes and you can suddenly see. Be authentic, notice where you are you repressing who you truly are? The lower vibration of Uranus can bring tension, craziness, agitation, irritability and chaos. So if you feel caught up in any of that, know you have a choice to shift it to a place where you can wake up to the higher version of your Self! Flow, harmony, balance, ease and transformation are the way to go 🙂

“Happiness is a continuation of happenings which are not resisted.”

Deepak Chopra

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Merrily Garrett is available for private readings. Her very thorough and profound sessions are 90 minutes and $125. You can reach her to make an appointment at, or call 512.769.6279 512.769.6279…

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Weekly Weather for March 17th – 23rd
Times are written for E.D.T.

Monday the 17th
It’s St Patrick’s Day and the Libra Moon is all about looking for the balance and the beauty in relationships. The Lunar energy connecting to Neptune and Jupiter today may reflect a desire to overdo or indulge in excess as we attempt to rediscover a comfort zone that evades us today. It’s best to stick to moderation and understand we are having to make adjustments to our social identity and this is just part of the process.

Mental Mercury leaves Brilliant Aquarius and enters Dreamy Pisces at 5:24 PM today and our thoughts enter the watery realm where imagination rules. Mercury will swim through Piscean waters until April 8th, so use this swift passage to dream and allow your imagination to introduce you to your inner Artist and discover new, spiritual horizons that are boundless and highly creative.

The Moon will form challenging aspects to Uranus at 5:50 PM and to Pluto at 9:12 PM, so pay attention to your emotional reactions and realize the bigger picture of transformation that is going on here. Stop, breathe, observe and then consciously choose your responses! This is an ongoing theme every time the Moon plugs into the Pluto/Uranus square, as we head towards the epic Grand Square in late April. The more you can refine your observer verses reactor skills now… the better off you will be when the intensity rises around April 20th.

Tuesday the 18th
While the Moon continues her passage through lovely Libra, loving Venus (Heart Energy) will sextile eccentric Uranus (The Great Awakener) today. This is a recipe for wonderful surprises and realizations, particularly if you are willing to get outside the lines of your normal routine and stay open to fresh encounters of the unique kind.

The Moon will join Mars (still retrograde in Libra) tonight and we may feel motivated to address the subject of relationships with a strong desire to create a better balance. This is a great day to go for it, just don’t be pushy about it and play fair!

Wednesday the 19th
We wake up to a very different Lunar energy with the Moon in deeply passionate Scorpio. The darker side of Scorpio speaks to a lack of trust, suspicion, and judgementalism. The lighted side of Scorpio is emotionally intuitive, deeply perceptive and has the capacity to connect on a profoundly passionate level. We get to choose the lighted side today with ease, as the Moon trines Mercury around breakfast time; this is a climate for revealing truths with laser precision. There is an opportunity to get clear about what you really want and what you need to let go of or give, in order to get there. Keep compassion and kindness in the forefront of all your actions as sensitivity is heightened now.

Mid-afternoon, intuition and manifestation unite as the Moon trines Neptune (Scorpio/Pisces) and our creativity can soar. The flow of water energy continues when later tonight, the Scorpio Moon trines Jupiter in Cancer and we expand even further into these harmonious, fluid energies that engulf this day. Before we go to sleep, let’s allow ourselves to feel all that we have discovered and commit to bring that positive influence forward into our lives in constructive ways.

Thursday the 20th
After a particularly challenging Winter, we have come to greet the first official day of Spring, as the Sun moves into Aries today! Aries is bold, courageous and inventive. This is fiery energy that gets us moving over the next month and supports new beginnings as seeds (thoughts and plans) begin to sprout (manifest) above ground.

With the Moon still in Scorpio our feelings are still running deep and with a close connection to Saturn late tonight, we may feel the seriousness of measuring our resources in a cautionary way to ensure some stability. We can use this constructively to get new plans off the ground.

Friday the 21st
The Moon enters Sagittarius this morning and will trine the Sun around lunch time. There is a definite shift leaving the Scorpio depths as the Sagittarius Moon and the fiery, Aries Sun harmonize in an optimistic, “We can do this” vibration. Let’s enjoy this hopeful, uplifting energy that gets our juices flowing and ideas going. Be adventurous!

However, it would be wise to think before you speak, as this combo is so Gungho and over zealous that we might later wish we had monitored our words more consciously, when the Moon squares Mercury at 7:29 PM and then squares Neptune at 9:20 PM. Refrain from any self-righteous opinions and note that sometimes the Sagittarius Moon could use a more tactful approach to get a point across. Let the fire inspire you to new artistic and spiritual heights.

Saturday the 22nd
Take this day and celebrate all the magic it has to offer. Let Mother Nature call you outside… go play and enjoy the Moon’s sextile to Venus and Mercury’s conjunction to Neptune. This is not the best day to handle details and business, but it It is a fantastic day for creative juices flow and hearts to dream. Our artistic nature is tuned in and turned on if we will just let go and allow ourselves a pleasurable afternoon. We can handle structure and business tomorrow when the Moon enters Capricorn. Today, let your kite fly high and expand into the limitless field of potential with a smile on your face!

Sunday the 23rd
The Sagittarius Moon sextiles Mars just before sunrise and the morning is bathed in optimism, inspiration and and eagerness to get moving. This dominates the day until the Moon enters, grounded practical Capricorn at 3:04 PM. It can feel like we are coming back down off of a high, as the seriousness of Capricorn grounds us back to Earth. It doesn’t have to be a “downer”… we can instead, listen to our inner teacher and see how we can use all that we have been exposed to over the last two days, to implement a plan that incorporates discoveries in a realistic, practical way.

The Moon squares the Sun at 8:47 PM and we may feel some restriction or sense of limitation, but if we stay clear of fear-based thinking and make course corrections that make sense for manifesting our goals, this can be a helpful stepping stone towards realizing what we need to do to harness this newly inspired frequency that has shifted so much this past week.

<em>“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”</em>

Maya Angelou <br><br>

Merrily Garrett



Merrily Garrett is available for private readings. Her very thorough and profound sessions are 90 minutes and $125. You can reach her to make an appointment at, or call 512.769.6279512.769.6279