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Monday the 10th
The emotionally sensitive, Cancer Moon is very busy this morning as she conjuncts Jupiter at Sunrise, then squares Uranus at 8:05 AM and forms an opposition to Pluto around Noon. This speaks to an unstable environment where attempts to stay in control of circumstances could lead to frustration. At the same time, it presents an opportunity to break the mold and risk a new perspective.

It’s interesting to note that in a split second we can unconsciously react, take something personal and jump into a defensive, unpleasant zone. OR… we can stop, observe the moment, take a breathe and remind ourselves that it’s an opportunity to grow beyond our own short sightedness. The Moon will trine Chiron at 1:22 PM bringing a healing tone to the rest of the day; once again kindness begets the best results!

Tuesday the 11th
There is lots to say about this astrally packed day! While we slept last night, The Cancer Moon and the Pisces Sun formed a harmonious connection that may have brought cosmic dreams. Meanwhile, we have a strong aspect coloring the entire day as Mercury in Aquarius squares off with Saturn in Scorpio and many of us could face some communication challenges and transportation could be blocked or delayed. There is a hidden gift in this energetic that will take some effort to uncover. Limited thinking and negative beliefs are not the way to go… instead, make an effort to dig deep and find hidden truths that once revealed, will lead to a powerful liberation of your own inner authority.

The Moon stays busy with a trine to Saturn at 8:29 AM, bringing illuminating support that will add to the potential for new clarity that can bloom today. Just 30 minutes later, the Moon will quincunx Mercury and we will need to make adjustments to relieve some discomfort or awkward situation.
The Late afternoon brings a Moon/Mars square at 3:50 PM, when we then begin a Void OF Course that lasts until the Moon moves into Leo at 10:09 PM. The VOC time is best spent cultivating patience and possibly contemplating how irritation can be a message to check in, slow down and discover the real root of any agitation. The ongoing Mars retrograde presents a slower pace to the “rat race” and we would do well to get in sync with it.

Wednesday the 12th
The Leo Moon will quincunx Neptune in Pisces at 9:37 AM and then oppose Venus at 9:57 AM so our morning could get off to a bumpy start. This energy can carry on throughout the day and the light of the Moon can show us where we might be holding back when it comes to our hearts desire.
The Leo Moon will trine Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) at 9:00 PM and we could be pleasantly surprised by an unconventional approach that taps us into gratitude and can support an awareness of the highest form of self-love.

Thursday the 13th
The Sun in mystical Pisces trines powerful Saturn in Scorpio today and a heightened intuition makes for a strong cosmic connection. Any great idea or dream you have, now gets powerful support to bring it into physical manifestation. Take some time to get in touch with your highest vision and ask yourself what steps you can take to make it real. The take them!

The Leo Moon will square Saturn at 8:48 PM and the shadow revealing Scorpio energy might point out where we let others determine how we define our hearts desire. It’s a good time to ask yourself where do you give your power away in exchange for approval and is it worth it.

Friday the 14th
We wake into a VOC Moon that is buzzing from the sextile it formed to Mars while we slept. The VOC energy shifts swiftly when the Moon enters Virgo at 9:18 AM and we begin our connection to the Full Moon in Virgo tomorrow. The lightened side (Love) of Virgo energy is Divinely Feminine and all about remembering our “wholeness”, being able to experience the “Forest with all of the Trees” and emotionally connecting from the Heart. The shadow side (Fear) is overly discriminating, critical, highly perfectionistic and can be obsessed with details. So as we head to the Full Moon tomorrow, notice where you are dancing in the Virgo energy… the shadow or the light.

Mercury trines Mars just after Noon and we are given a boost with how to move forward. As Mars likes to move, it has been challenging for us to experience Mars energy, Retrograde in the sign of the “Mirrored Self”! The Retrograde is providng us with a profound inner view of how we project into our relationships both positive and negative expectations. Today, Mercury gives us a message about this journey and it’s worth listening to. Ultimately our inner freedom to truly love will be increased by the work we do now. The Moon opposes Neptune at 9:41 PM and we can feel the “Bridge” between the Virgo details and the Pisces vastness. Keep an open heart to cross freely back and forth between the two!

Saturday the 15th
The Virgo Moon sextiles Jupiter at 7:07 AM and we are lit up with lists of what we can accomplish today. Jupiter expands whatever he connects with, so be willing to make needed course corrections that will steer you away from any over-analytical, hyper-critical thought patterns. We are charged with monitoring our minds and redirecting our thinking to the heart center where we can release all that we judge as insufficient.

The Virgo Moon trines Pluto at 12:33 PM giving us a chance to transform some pattern that we have become conscious of, pay attention to what can be reborn in your life that better suits who you have now become.
At 2:04 PM the Moon opposite Chiron and we are invited to see even deeper into the Virgo/Pisces polarity. Great transformational gifts continue to present themselves as we stand perched on this bridge between two worlds.

Sunday the 16th
We have been feeling the build up to this Full Moon since it entered Virgo early Friday. It peaks at 26 degrees at 1:08 PM and goes VOC until 6:37 PM. So much has changed in the last week with Planets changing directions and signs, (Saturn and Mars are now Retrograde, Jupiter is now Direct and Venus is in Aquarius) and this Full Moon allows us to see where we stand in the cross current energies. Saturn trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon, bringing tremendous support to what ever is coming to fruition. Pisces brings limitless potential with no boundaries and Virgo brings form and alignment.

We can release the old and get on track to future manifestations with a new found focus and discipline. A square between the Full Moon and the Galactic Center further intensifies the momentum for change and letting go! Take some time to acknowledge how far you have come and let up on any self-criticism or doubt that could rear it’s inappropriate head. Tonight the Moon enters Libra at 8:46 PM and our focus turns to to a deep need to find peace and balance after a very big day. Look for the beauty in life before you go to sleep tonight and set the tone for the attitude you will wake up with tomorrow.

“Be present as the watcher of your mind — of your thoughts and emotions as well as your reactions in various situations. Be at least as interested in your reactions as in the situation or person that causes you to react. Notice also how often your attention is in the past or future. Don’t judge or analyze what you observe. Watch the thought, feel the emotion, observe the reaction. Don’t make a personal problem out of them. You will then feel something more powerful than any of those things that you observe: the still, observing presence itself behind the content of your mind, the silent watcher.” Eckhart Tolle

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Monday the 3rd
The Moon in Aries engages the on-going Grand Cross energy when she squares Jupiter, conjunct Uranus and then squares Pluto all by at 8:45 AM. I wouldn’t be surprised if our sleep was restless, or that we awakened with inspired thoughts of what we need to change to move forward.
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Monday the 24th
The Moon enters Capricorn just before 9:00 AM when practicality, productivity and focus set the tone for the day. If you need to balance a budget or work with numbers this is the day for it. The conscientious Capricorn Moon will semi square Mercury a little after 3 PM, asking us to find solutions to communication snafus.

The Moon sextiles Neptune at 5:20 PM and we can bring practical form to a creative idea, let your imagination explore possibilities and remain kind in the process. A sextile between the Moon and Sun 2 hours later, ups the pulse of movement in an expansive way.

Venus sextiles Saturn at 11:50 PM and this can bring a lot of clarity to the confusion we might have felt during the Venus retrograde that started December 31st. Hearts are getting clear and commitments are being made. What are you ready to commit to? A exercise routine? A relationship? Money management?

A dream, your Vision?

Tuesday the 25th
The Moon conjuncts Pluto at sunrise and will semisextile Mercury mid afternoon. This translates to a day that starts out with us needing to align and control our schedule. How can we empower ourselves and others to move forward without a battle of egos?

The Moon’s semisquare to Neptune around dinner time can put a kink in our agenda so remain open as the Moon semisquares the Sun at 9:42, requiring further adjustments. When the Moon sextiles Saturn just after 11 PM, we can see our way clear to what changes are working for us and which ones need to go. Jupiter forms an exact square to Uranus after we go to bed around 2:30 AM

Wednesday the 26th
We have an Aquarius Moon today starting at 9:55 AM, so expect the unusual, the innovative approach and don’t be surprised if you feel restless. The Jupiter/Uranus square is exact and we will feel the influence for several days to come. This is a major piece of the Cardinal Cross Energy that permeates this year. Jupiter is all about Wisdom, Expansion and Growth. Uranus is all about Brilliance, Sudden Changes and shaking up the Status Quo ! Be ready for new perspectives that can rebirth your world! Let go of reacting before thinking!

The Moon enters Aquarius at 9:56 AM and semisextiles Neptune around dinner and then the Sun just before midnight, all of this speaks to a high degree of intelligence that is looking for a place to land. Conversations are “out there” stimulating and fulfilling.

Thursday the 27th
The Aquarius Moon sextiles Uranus while we sleep; look for adventures in your dreams that could plant seeds to a new reality here in your Earth life!
The Moon cunjuncts Mercury at 3:02 PM and we are emotionally aligned with a new way of looking at everything. Be brilliant and stay away from inflexibility. Your open mind is your friend today!

Don’t be surprised if others don’t support you ideas today, there is a flaring independence that needs expression, so let others be…. just be! The Moon squares Saturn at 11:12 PM and we come back down to earth to see… how do we make these “far out” ideas more practical and useful?

Friday the 28th
The Big news today is that Mercury turns Direct at 9:00 AM, but don’t expect everything to turn back to normal just yet. The Moon enters Pisces at 9:53 AM and then conjuncts Neptune (Pisces Ruler) at 6:18PM. We are awash in the Piscean limitless ocean and the urge to imagine and create is unmistakable. Neptune dissolves boundaries, altering reality and we can use this artistically today. The lower vibration of this energy is sometimes expressed by escapism with drugs and alcohol, the higher road is all about altering our consciousness via meditation, yoga and spiritual upliftment. It’s always a choice.

The Pisces Sun trines Jupiter in Cancer at 11:06 PM and the Moon joins the dance shortly after. There is nothing grounded about this energy, we are awash with Water energy and emotions, intuition, creativity and dreams permeate our perspective. If you are caught in any kind of victim consciousness, you can shift it to a much higher vibration! I suggest that we all just dive in and have a good swim into the vastness.

Saturday the 1st
The New Moon happens at 10 degrees Pisces while we are sleeping and colors the entire day. Love and kindness rules! This is a day for celebrating compassion, love, the limitless sea of potential and all that lies beyond the physical. Inspiration is available today as we can plant new seeds that can grow our visions towards the Full Moon that happens two weeks from now.

The Pisces Moon sextiles Pluto and conjuncts Chiron just after sunrise. This speaks to a healing and transformational day like no other we have seen in awhile! Allow yourself to connect to nature and feel the magic of your life today!

Mars in Libra stations to go retrograde just before noon and will be in a review pattern until it turns direct on May 9th. Be prepared for some back tracking and big reveals to emerge around your relationship to your body and and the mirrored self that you see in others. We can work this time to deliver gems of insights that will ultimately liberate us from prison walls we have constructed for protection… ones that we clearly no longer need.

The Moon trines Saturn just before midnight capping off this amazing day with some much needed grounding energy… ahhh, back to Earth.

Sunday the 2nd
The Moon sextiles Venus as the Sun rises and enters Aries at 10:41 AM and the Aries Moon gets us moving; we are ready to make things happen. Contrasting that energy, Saturn stations to go retrograde at 23 Scorpio asking us to slow down, gather our resourses and regroup while we dig down deep for solutions that will support what we want to manifest.

Venus squares Mars mid afternoon and we could feel sexy and exciting as long as we don’t take circumstances and opinions too seriously, so don’t let competition replace passion. Moon semisextile Neptune at 7:34PM and this can help us to get centered again, we may need some quiet time to accomplish this and it’s worth the effort.

“Where ever you go, what ever you do, be in love”… Emerson

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Monday the 17th
First thing this morning, a discerning Virgo Moon agitates Mars in Libra to bring about a much needed adjustment. Try not to get get hung up on details while you look for solutions. Mercury will semisquare Uranus at 8:00 AM contributing to some eccentric ideas that can awaken a fresh approach to something you have had to review.
The Moon enters Libra at 1:24 PM and brings a more peaceful/balanced approach to too much scrutiny. This is not the time to compromise for peace at the cost of your integrity, but it would be wise to demonstrate a flexible attitude. The Libra Moon makes an uncomfortable connection to Neptune at 10:44 PM and we may just need some private inner time to readjust our equilibrium.

Tuesday the 18th
The Moon makes a string of connections with Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter between sunrise and 10:19 AM delivering a veritable smorgasbord of feelings into our emotional atmosphere. The Sun moves into Pisces at 1:00 PM today and will be there until March 20th. Pisces is not famous for practicality and grounded application and yet this energy can really make things happen. Pisces is all about imagination, creativity, compassion and dreams. With her ruling planet Neptune, in Pisces as well… this is a time to really explore your dreams and creative potential, by tapping into your divine brilliance.

It’s best to not personalize anything … Ever, but particularly now when the Moon squares off with Pluto just an hour later. Retrograde Mercury will square Saturn at 11:11 PM and we are given another chance to see where we choose limited fear-based thinking that ultimately manifests as a reality we don’t want. Ask yourself if your mind truly supports your dreams, are your thoughts based on beliefs that no longer serve who you have become? See how you can remodel some old thinking!

Wednesday the 19th
The early hours are colored by the Mercury squares Saturn that happened last night, but the Moon’s trine to Mercury at 9:14 AM adds some breathing room to any constriction we might have felt. This Libra Moon is active all day directing our feelings through a fast paced obstacle course. There is an opportunity to check your navigational reflexes and maintain a balance with conscientious course corrections, when the Moon hooks up with Mars in the late afternoon.
The Moon enters Scorpio at 10:33 PM and will trine the Sun an hour and a half after midnight, bringing passionate dreams that can nurture us in the most profound ways. Sleep can be filled with deep diving adventures.

Thursday the 20th
The Moon skips lightly thru aspects today that lighten up our load. In the early morning the Moon will trine Neptune and our intuition and creativity are highly activated. All this water energy adds to the intuitive nature that flourishes now.
The Moon trines Jupiter at 6:27 PM, further expanding the psychic experience and we may find it hard to deal with any details. Better to have a sketch pad than a ledger right now! We get a bit of grounding when the Moon sextiles Pluto at 10:22 PM and it carries over into tomorrow, stimulating an emotional strength that supports cooperative change.

Friday the 21st
Last night’s agreeable Moon/Pluto vibe dominates our morning hours, contributing to a productive morning that feeds our resolve. We must face reality a bit more today as the Moon squares Mercury in the morning and then squares Saturn at 5:10 PM. The Scorpio Moon then goes VOC and this gives us time to check our communications and boundaries so that we can apply some final revisions that will improve the effectiveness of how our inner dialogue is functioning. It’s an inside job!
If insecurities and negative self-talk rear their heads today, consider it a gift… one that brings greater clarity to what needs to be cleared and released, for a happier, freer life.

Saturday the 22nd
The morning has a light, playful feel to it with a Sagittarius Moon starting us off. But then the 1st quarter square between the Pisces Sun and the Sagittarius Moon happens just after lunch and the day takes on a new level of hyper-sensitivity.

Two hour later the Moon square Neptune and we may run into disillusionment or disappointment if we allow our attachment to an ideal to take us too far in one direction. Watch our for a tendency to exaggerate or over indulge.
Just before midnight, a trine between fiery Uranus and the Sagittarius Moon ignite some ideas that could be genius, so pay attention. Allow yourself to feel the expansiveness of this frequency and don’t let a quirky connection between the Moon and Jupiter at midnight dampen your spirit.

Sunday the 23rd
The big event today is at 1:11 PM when the Sun and Neptune join at 5 degrees Pisces. Do yourself a favor and plan to do something that stimulates creativity, plugs you into the limitless field of potential and brings you to a state of living in the wonderment of all life. This is a dreamy, yummy frequency that dissolves boundaries and plugs us into a deeper spiritual awareness. It is tender and gentle and idealistic.
Mid afternoon the Moon sextiles Mercury adding to a positive perspective that can help us translate our highest vision into a tangible direction.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
Albert Einstein


Merrily Garrett is available for private readings. Her very thorough and profound sessions are 90 minutes and $125. You can reach her to make an appointment at, or call 512.769.6279…