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For the week of October 22:

The Handmixer

Tonight I closed my eyes to center myself for writing and inspiration and I
saw in my mind’s eye a hand mixer, working away at something in a bowl.
Expecting something a little more exciting, I had to laugh at my own
hubris. And yet, a hand mixer is certainly what my life has been like these
last two weeks. I have been flung into a bowl, with a bunch of
miscellaneous ingredients and the mixer has gone to work.

I am feeling emotionally battered, brain fuzzy and physically exhausted. I
barely know which end is up right now. Nothing that has happened is
catastrophic but it has been unrelenting episodes of loss, heart break,
dread, sadness and gratitude.
As I reflect on that prosaic hand mixer and its determination to break
everything down and apart, it would be easy to focus on that process of
chaos and its resulting dismemberment. That is, it would be easy from a
3D perspective.
But these days, we are asked to step up onto a Light Bridge to observe
our world from the Observer’s Perch. I see not just the moment of
dismemberment but the whole of the process. That old hand mixer
doesn’t just beat ingredients apart, it blends them with others, so that
something new might be created. No, I am not enjoying where I am right
now, but something new will be birthed from this painful experience. And
from my observer’s perch, all is well with me and the world.
I say all of this not to teach you anything you don’t already know but to
remind you, and to remind myself, that the plan is greater than our little
manifested personalities. Heartbreak plays a part in that, as do all the
other human emotions and components. The hand mixer breaks us apart
so we can form again in new configurations, making us more than the
sums of our parts. Many of you are going through similar processes right
now. Like the Black Moon’s Dance, the hand mixer wakes us up and and
reminds us that no matter what is going on in our lives, we are creating
something new.
And as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “it all begins when the soul would have
its way with you.”

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  1. Dearest Soul Sister Jan, All who replied. and the WE we are I AM, WE Am, or is it WE ARE?,

    AhHa! the hand blender! Ahha! My mother Ardell, who crossed to the other side, 3 years ago this month on 10/26 at the age of 91, gave me a hand blender in about 1980, and it still works, if I can find the beaters, Ahha!

    Guess we all need to find the beaters and mix up something new, beautiful, and worthy of eating, of strong nourishment.

    Jan your channel below:
    “I am feeling emotionally battered, brain fuzzy and physically exhausted. I
    barely know which end is up right now. Nothing that has happened is
    catastrophic but it has been unrelenting episodes of loss, heart break,
    dread, sadness and gratitude”

    Oh so I feel the same, exactly, as I am sure many Wayshowers are now experiencing, the WE “Experience is the Teacher” (thanks to Ray Rolando and Colby), who truly let me have this experience in Costa Rica, at Mystica , in March 2017. I have a picture of that beautiful sign in the rain forest, “The Experience is the Teacher”. I have a picture of that sign, not on this computer at the moment. On my first real cell phone purchased at the Liberia, Costa Rica airport. I still need to blend that picture into a beautiful framed portrayal for Ray and Colby. I have an amazing banana leaf picture frame (found at a flea market for the local rescue squad in Faber, Virginia in the late fall of 2017), to put that lesson into, when I get it on this computer, print it out, put in the frame, blend it into the final dough, and mail to these Light Beings of Highest Divine Order at Oceans of Calm.

    The blender is A-maze-Zing! The blender is the way out of the center of the fear maze, out into Light and Love.

    WE too must get out from inside this maze, from the hate, out into LOVE!

    Yet WE must go deep inside out our own negative ego mazes, find the hate, anger and our fears, and as we walk out mindfully, WE will get out in DIVINE LOVE. I know you ALL Know what I mean NOW! The blender is tough, I feel as Jan channels.

    WE are all walking out Together, it is tough, and many walls are hit (just back up, breath and try another path), yet persevere WE must. When WE all get out WE bring out others.

    Thank-you Jan and ALL, with so much LOVE, PEACE, TRUTH, NON-Violence, and CORRECT ACTION.

    Keep moving out to LOVE, and WE will find our way, eventually, into DIVINE ORDER, in DIVINE TIMING. the brain fuzz will lift. PATIENCE, trust in trust, faith in faith, is the only requirements. Easier said than…..

    Sincerely Sister Susan, the dogs, cats, birds, trees, The big Black Bear who hangs on my deck(long big story-Bear high fived may car later with his left PAW and left the scratch marks on my windshield, which can not be removed), and Master Eagle who yelled AWAKEAWAKEAWAKE today (not a hawk)……in the woods of Virginia

    LOVE to ALL, keep walking out into LOVE!

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