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Change occurs with dizzying regularity these days and that has certainly been the case for me as well this last week. Ups, downs, endless roller coaster ride. I see the chaos factor weighing on those around me as tempers flare and the news continues to be dark. We must dig deep and hang on, utilizing every spiritual practice we know and emphasizing self-care. Miracles abound and there is good news everywhere if you adjust your gaze a bit from the “wrong” and “bad”. As you shift your focus, you will shift your heart. Actively seek the birth of the New.   Remember you are Light.
And so I am told:
One must exalt the Awakening within while observing the Breaking around you. Oftentimes, the two events blur and become tangled within your minds and hearts. You must remember that though they happen together, they are very separate events. And, paradoxically, they are the two sides of a Whole. Awakening cannot occur without the Breaking. To a caterpillar, the physical changes that occur during metamorphosis must seem painful, as the old body dies making way for the butterfly. So this Breaking must seem to you. Once again, we must remind you that you are more than this event, more than your process of transformation. Transformation is a gift of the divine and must be embraced as such. Allow yourself to utilize the Observer’s Perch that you might see the changes around you and within you as the same divine process.   Allow your vision to expand that you might see all as perfect, happening exactly as designed. Allow yourself to know that all is well and honor all that you are becoming. 
Equilibrium must be maintained and your inner balance restored. Ask for help and it shall be given through the power of your breath. Remember to ground yourself and center, always returning to the heart. A moment to take deep cleansing breaths can act as reset. Again, we say, ask for help. We who guard and guide are with you always.

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