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As I sit here this morning, drinking my tea, I suddenly had the intense sense that *something* had shifted, had eased somewhat. I felt myself let go. I felt I could take a deeper breath than I had been able to before. I felt a fire within my heart begin to burn.
And so I am told:
Deep within the hearts of all on earth, a dragon stirs, awakening after millennia, awaiting its moment in time/space. Shaking its head in an effort to fully awaken, the dragon lumbers to its feet, still muddled with sleep. Once up and moving, it feels the fire within begin to rumble with heat, moving its body forward. The dragon is compelled to keep moving, becoming ever more limber, alert and awake. Its skin which had dulled with time and endless sleep brightens and clears, becoming vibrant and colorful. The gleam in its eyes intensifies. Power surges up through its body, propelling it ever forward. The dragon has a job to do, it suddenly remembers. An important one. A crucial one. This dragon and those like it have slept aeons awaiting this moment and now they must answer that sacred call.
Sadly, some dragons will not awaken, having succumbed to time and apathy. Some will not remember their sacred task and never leave their sanctuary.
But some will answer the call, wings unfurling as they bugle their exultant responses into the sky.   Taking to the sky at long last, they return to restore balance on Earth.
We ask each of you: Does your heart burn? Will you allow your dragons to awaken so they may fulfill their sacred task?

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  1. I’ve been burning for a while now! Waiting for a sign on how to proceed. Then I realized that being first and doing second was my “burn” and love is my guide. Thank you again for this post. Enjoy your week.

  2. Thank you for this post, I noticed the dramatic shift last Thursday. I am still really curious what this will bring for those who are allowing the Dragon to emerge. From an energetic perspective it feels comforting and strong and as though the gates that have been holding me back have finally been opened. I so hope that this is a sustainable way of being and not just a response to transitioning movements of the planet.

  3. Thank you for the inspiration, Jan. These past few days I have encountered several dragon flies close encounters…they want my attention, coming so close to me. They aren’t as big as ones I have encountered in the past….they seem younger, less developed, not as aggressive- maybe just curious. Namaste.

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