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Throughout history, humankind has looked to a leader to light the way. We followed in their footsteps, allowing them to be the face of Light in the world. They were the One Who Knew The Way, and we looked to them to guide and inform us.
This changes with the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We are being asked to assume her Light and carry it forward. No longer can the one represent the many while the many stand by awaiting direction.
Now is the time for the Light to awaken in the hearts of everyone. This isn’t a matter of taking to the streets although you may choose that path. This is a matter of knowing what is right and what is wrong and how to work together for the betterment of our world. We serve the Light by being the Light.
It is the veracity of Light. Light and unity are not something that exist “out there”. They are something we carry within us and embody, a sacred endeavor, a choice, an obligation, an honor. A commitment.
And so this I ask you: are you willing to fully embody the Light? Let the light of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, let the Light of All There Is fill your body so fully that there will never be any question about how we take care of humanity, each other, our world and ourselves. We have historically held our own Lights at a distance. “I don’t deserve this.” “I’m not like him/her.” “I am just one person.” Have you said something like that to yourself before? I say to you now - Stop. Stop it. Light isn’t something that is based on merit. Light just simply IS and it is who we are.
In the world of division and polarization, we have lived as many individuals with the emphasis on the needs of the one, the self. In point of fact, we’ve been selfish and greedy. Certainly some of us have done lots of good things, some of us have done some good things and some of us are just struggling to get by. No judgment here - it’s a hard world. But now we have the opportunity to change it, to become more. If we can see the many as one, and one as many then we become unified.
When we see ourselves as part of the earth and that the earth is part of us, we become unified. When we find a way to work through something rather than roll over it, we become unified. When the needs of the smallest become as important as those of the loudest, we become unified. When your first thought is to reach your hand out to help and not strike out, we become unified. When unity becomes more important than political party, we become unified. Ruth Bader Ginsburg embodied Light, she embodied voice in action and she embodied truth. She was an exceptional human being because she accepted that she had a mission to carry her Light. She fully embodied her Light.
Find that Light within you, and begin to fully embody it. You see Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Light? That Light is you. That Light is all of us.
Yes there are still hard days before us but we know the path forward is one of Light.
And with open hearts embracing unity and fully embodied Light, we can move mountains.
Message from the Mother:
Grieve not for she is Light now, a light you carry within your hearts. She came to open doors and this she has done, easing the way for those of you who will now step into her shoes. For this is her final gift: that her spirit, her sense of justice and desire for equal rights for women is set alight within the hearts of all who desire unity. There can be no unity without the Divine Feminine in her rightful place. Now each of you carry her torch. Where there was one, now are many.
I promise each of you this: she has not left the world; she has set hearts aflame, and these hearts will change the world. Today it begins. The Divine Feminine has risen.


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  1. Jan,
    I was so deeply moved by your post on Monday that I forwarded it to everyone I know but I forgot to thank you. Following this morning’s ceremony for Justice Ginsburg in the Capital, I was moved to reread your post. I want to offer my deepest gratitude for your insight, clarity and this profound channeling. 🙏❣️

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