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The news continues to horrify, frighten, anger and mystify. Hidden within all the attention-grabbing disaster, are wonderful stories of inspiration and hope. Why are they so hidden? Why are they not the lead stories? Humans seem to be obsessed with darkness and fear, don’t they? We love our reality shows, the more outrageous the better, and certainly few if any of them actually celebrate the Light.
We can’t just blame our obsession on “scary stuff sells” or anything else. I think we have to face the possibility that we have allowed darkness to consume our focus. One could very easily make the argument that it is because our shadows are screaming for our attention. If we see darkness “out there”, then maybe we will recognize it in ourselves and make it conscious.
Doesn’t seem to be working very well, does it? Or is it working perfectly?? Shadow work has been front and center throughout this chaotic 2020. Many have embraced it as part of their spiritual path. Many struggle. And many remain asleep. Each has their own intended path.
The other night, I saw a preview for a new tv show and heard this old rubric: Darkness doesn’t really exist. Darkness is just the absence of light.
It struck powerfully me in that moment for much power we give to darkness. Darkness overwhelms and frightens and seems insurmountable. And yet I am reminded of Albus Dumbledore’s perfect quote: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
We forget that darkness can be dispelled with the application of light. So simple. Funny how we are sort of programmed to forget the simplest things.
Darkness and light exist side by side, reflecting and balancing each other. It is past time for us to embrace the idea and remember to turn on the light.   Especially when we are scared and feel threatened, like many of us are when we check out the current news. We know we are Light, so it is time to apply that knowledge.
A liberal application of Light might shift everything.
And so I am told:
Blessed ones, this is not a battle of good versus evil, or dark versus light. It is about embracing and accepting that both not only live within you but are the underpinnings of your very existence. Only when you can make room for both will they balance each other out. Only when you recognize your own balanced entirety will peace be achieved. This process begins with accepting yourself in all of your perceived positives and negatives. Do not waste your time wishing those you see would change and be better, kinder, whatever. Turn your focus inward and allow your Light to open doors to your most hidden self. Humans, in their effort to belittle others and themselves, have lost sight of who they truly are. We urge you to begin accepting the Divine nature of your existence. You are infinitely more than you can imagine, even with all of your perceived flaws and inadequacies. Allow your Light its full expression. You do not need to portion it out as if you might run out. Indeed, the more you shine, the brighter the Light. You are ready and that ordained moment in time/space has arrived. Allow your glorious Light to permeate you that you might fully give yourself into its loving embrace. As you do this, you will begin to see and feel the dissipation of the power that darkness has held over you. Darkness will not cease to exist but instead will achieve balance with Light, both within you and within what you see “out there”. The Rebalancing of your world begins and ends with each of you.



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  1. Thank you, Jan, for reminding me to turn on the light. I literally did that today, and it sent some dark energy hiding in the corner scrambling….and he took his green screen with him. What the heck was that?

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