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Since the news about Trump’s illness came out I have been uncharacteristically angry. Not at him for being ill, but by the heedless behavior of him and his cohorts. Throughout much of the weekend, I was consumed with anger at the people around us who deliberately put others at risk because of their jacked-up theories and beliefs about Covid 19. Watching this national debacle with Trump’s illness and the ongoing disregard of his administration toward the safety of others, and experiencing an extremely similar situation in my own personal life that has left people I care about deliberately exposed has affected me profoundly.
And yes, there is more to come and it has to be this way. We chose to be here for this, to be the Light, to Light the way. I know that a part of me continues this sacred work while the mother and human part of me right now has been filled up to the brim with frustration and fear and rage...
It ain’t pretty but it’s real. We have all struggled this year. We rely on our own inner strength and our support systems to get us through. Some days are easier than others and some not so much. Some are just plain horrid.
As I have said before, I live with a foot in two worlds. One, the mundane, illusory world we are all participating in to some degree or another. The other foot resides in a world of unity where all is well. That is my (our) true home but because we still “live” in a world of polarity, these worlds seem separate and distant when in fact they are not. One is the dream, the illusion, and it seems to me to lie on top of the true world. A window dressing, so to speak; a costume, a role.
The higher truths sustain and balance us when the illusion becomes too close for comfort. We are being asked who we are and our every hidden aspect is being paraded out in the world for all to see and experience. We have to choose our way forward with care and deliberation. Love is the only way forward. Our anger and frustration must be honored and released, not carried forward where it might lead to further division.
And so I am told:
Transformation comes to all, with all its aches and pains. The promise of rebirth is assured as is the dawning of the new age. In the darkest moments, deep reserves are discovered and courage is found. The Hero’s Journey continues as you are asked to face your deepest fears and hidden self. Those of you born to light the way know this, even as emotion threatens to overwhelm. One must never forget that emotion is energy in motion, designed to move you from one place to another. Emotion is not who you are; it is a process of informing your inner self. Allow emotion its voice without allowing it dominance. Take time to breathe, to step away into reflection and peace to recharge and refresh. Meditate. Honor the Light within for it is the true reflection of you. Remember who you are.
You may not see it yet, but the Dawn is coming.
The shadow must be honored if the light is to dawn. Ellias Lonsdale


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