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I am beginning to understand something I did not know I didn’t understand. We talk about unity as the basis of the new world. We know that it means there is no difference between light and dark, that both sides of a polarity are one whole unit. While I understood in the abstract, the application of this has been more daunting. In the polarized world we live in, the differences are so glaring and often painful and anger-inducing. These extremes make unity seem out of reach and nearly impossible, like a pipe dream.
These last couple of weeks watching trump’s Covid carnival show has elicited a variety of emotions in me. Anger has been the predominant one, with grief, frustration, helplessness and sorrow as handmaidens. The situation is appalling and ludicrous, all at the same time.
During my meditations, I pray. I attempt to hold trump, his overly privileged family and his amoral and unethical cohorts with compassion. We all play a role in this crazy life, right? They are doing an amazing job of playing out their roles. The Breaking is here; it has to happen. The Old Age is dead; long live the New Age. Part and parcel. All one.
Even knowing all that, I struggle. Everything they stand for is odious. Their attack on every concept our world has been built on feels very personal. And it has been personal, as their words and actions directly affect the wellbeing of all of us in one way or another.
His absolute disregard for the safety of others both before he tested positive and since is abhorrent.
And yet. And my mediations over the last couple of days, I saw something else. I saw the fear of the wounded child that is the source of his adult behavior. I saw how much he just wanted to be loved and accepted. To feel special. I saw his pain.
Does this change anything? Not really. As adults, we get to decide every moment how we behave and what we take forward. His role in this life was not to learn from his losses and past but to use them as a weapon of destruction. And he has been wildly successful.
All it means is that I saw him in unity. I saw his wounding and feel enormous compassion for that child. And I see the man he has become, a man who every moment of every day chooses himself above all else. A man who came here to Break the structures of our world.
For us to ever achieve unity, we must be willing to see everyone in their entirety. We are never just one encounter, one thought, one reaction. We are a sum total of all of our experiences. We no longer really look in another person’s eyes, allowing ourselves to connect heart to heart, and that is a great loss. Seems like we have lost the ability to really see into the heart of someone else. Without that connection, that willingness, that understanding, unity is out of reach.
We have to learn again to really listen to what others are telling us. Even as we no longer use the eyes to deeply communicate, our conversations with others have, for the most part, become superficial and seldom go very deep or allow room for real openness and intimacy.
As we begin to create our new world, the possibility is that these abilities will redevelop and increase in importance. In fact, I believe many of us will find that we have just been waiting for the opportunity to be fully open and real in all our relationships and in our expression of life. Even now, the wearing of masks means our mouths are hidden and our eyes must communicate what the mouths hide. We pay more attention to eyes again.
It has occurred to me that in my overwhelming reaction to circumstances lately that I had become polarized. It took a few days for me to balance once again and regain my equilibrium, I admit it. These last two weeks hit me hard. Once I saw trump’s pain, everything equalized for me. His pain is my pain is your pain. We all have pain in our lives. The moment we acknowledge that and allow compassion to arise in our hearts for ourselves and others, we become unified. When we learn to listen and see with our hearts, we open the door to understanding. Only from there can we embrace unity.
And so I am told:
Oh bright ones, you who seek the Light with every fiber of your being, you are the future. Continue to allow doors within you to open to understanding and lead you to unity. Union is nothing more than seeing the sacred in everyone, in every thing. That is your lesson, your calling, your future, your Be-ing.
“...the seat of every single act of true power must be understanding. Otherwise, you are nothing more than an extension of chaos.”
~Odette C. Bell






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  1. This is deeply poignant. And also occurred to me a couple of weeks ago, in my repulsion of T, I grudgingly got to the place of equanimity but still found me honestly challenged to pray for him. I asked Spirit to do what I could not. In addition gradually I saw his profound woundedness a bit at a time, no excuses , many have endured much worse but nonetheless it is, he is what he is. Also I could pray for we the people and then gradually that included him. Am I there 100% , no but some crack in the window allows in a sliver of light~ thank you so much 💜

  2. Thank you Jan. Your experience is my experience although I have not yet been able to find that unifying point of equilibrium. And thank you Spadukes for your contribution too. I will try your approach of including him in my prayers for all and see if I can move closer to the balance point…

  3. Radiance Mantram…
    Radiance we are and power.
    We stand forever with our hands stretched out,
    Linking the heavens and the earth,
    The inner world of meaning,
    And the outer world of glamour.
    We reach into the Light and bring
    It down to met the need.
    We reach into the Silent Place
    And bring forth from there understanding.
    Thus with the light we work
    And turn the darkness into day.
    And turn the darkness into day.

    I’m holding sacred space for a miracle. This guy has taken on massive karma. He can transmute it in the blink of an eye. He’s not the embodiment of anything powerful but he is a hologram of all that we have forgotten to do.
    I’m thankful for all of you who stand unwaveringly in the light. Stay strong, Christine!

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