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Another difficult week but one with a hint of hope, reminding us that we are not victims of these times. Sometimes it has felt as if we were, as we attempt to navigate the unnavigable 2020. Everything feels bigger than we are and unstoppable. We feel out of control which causes confusion and fear.
But this is not true.
What we see out there is created by us, and if that is the case, why would we choose to give our power away and let 2020 just happen to us?
It is past time we remembered who we are and why we are here.
Deep inside each of us, we believe we are not whole, that there is still something to attain out there. Ask yourself, would your soul send an incomplete you into a life? You might forget the totality of yourself but you would never be less than the entirety of YOU.
As long as we believe we are not whole unto ourselves, as long as we carry one little piece of doubt about our wholeness, as long as we believe ourselves weak and small, everything will seem bigger and unstoppable. When you fill yourself with Light, your Light, your body knows the truth of your wholeness.
Take a moment to breathe in your Light, letting it fill you completely. As you experience the light filling you up, allow yourself to feel how pure and complete it feels.
But how many times have stopped ourselves from allowing ourselves to be Light? When the monkey mind thinks about the Light, we quantify it. Is it big enough? Do others have more? Is mine good enough? Powerful enough? Our very act of observing it stops it because we bring judgement to the table.
If we want to change the world, it seems to me that it must begin and end within us, as our experience of change. As our experience of being Light with no qualifiers or quantifiers.
This week I ask you to spend time experiencing your own light. Try to do it several times a day, allowing light to fill you up completely, without judgement, without question. Fill yourself up and simply celebrate that Light, as fully and completely as you can allow. I promise, with practice, it will get easier and your awareness of your Light will expand exponentially.
And so I am told:
 Your Light is who you are. There can be no separation, only denial. The denial of light has hurt humankind immeasurably. Rejecting your divine nature in favor of self-serving desires has caused you to forget that you are all one. The only way forward is to be Light, to walk in Light, to Light the way. And forward you will go, Light or no. The choice is yours.

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  1. Oh my every week this is such an encouragement and focal point to me. Thank you for your conduit of grace and love so willingly shared!Grareful!💜🌹💜

  2. Wow, this hit home, Jan, for better or worse. Dealing with people with different needs, I set them on course to fulfill their individual needs on Friday(they were excited about that). But, when we came together today, their individual needs stifled the environment. They didn’t want to focus on those, they wanted to focus on US- all the while knowing their disparate needs. Amen, and namaste.

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