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The news continues to disrupt and dismay, even to horrify, and yet, there seems to be a hint of hope in the air. Shift is occurring, quietly but steadily. What strikes me about this shift is that it feels solid, as its foundation is deep and strong. There is a power to it. A power that makes building anew an exciting proposition, rather than a daunting one.
For while our focus has been on rebuilding our nation and our world, it will, in fact, have to be created anew as institutions that have seemed solid are now cracked and exposed. We have seen powerful institutions that, while once designed to protect us, have unwittingly exposed serious flaws and pitfalls. Leaders worldwide seem to have lost their abilities to lead, instead falling into dysfunctional behaviors and temper tantrums.
Ugliness continues in simple human interactions as we go about our lives as best we can. Confrontations abound in public places. No one can agree on the best way to protect ourselves from Covid 19. Everything we see out there is tumultuous, chaotic and divided. And if we see it out there, what does that tell us about ourselves?
We are all cracking open and becoming exposed; the good, the bad, the ugly displayed for the world to see. Not everyone is acting out but each of us is experiencing stress-related behaviors, thoughts and emotions, all designed to break through the barriers we have erected to keep us “safe”. It is messy and often ugly but we are ripping the curtain away and seeing behind it to the truth of who we really are. The burden of carrying an increasingly heavy illusion of who and what we thought we were has become intolerable.
What do you see when you look in the mirror of the world these days? Do you recognize yourself in those you see out there? In your own behaviors, actions and thoughts?
What and who have your life choices made you?
We can no longer turn away from who we are and what we bring to the world. We can no longer allow our Shadows free rein to act out, as we see on display in the highest levels of our government.
We are Divine Beings having a human experience, and our consciousness, our deliberate awareness of who and what we are is what we came here to remember and BE. This is the hope of which I spoke in the beginning. A hint that many people are digging deeply, remembering and reconnecting with the scattered parts of themselves and allowing heart to lead the way. The election is just the next step. The real work of union is still coming and it will take all of us, working in unison, to create this beautiful new age. Walk forward knowing your light and heart will lead the way forward.
Let what you see out there remind you fully of the Divine Being created of Light and Love that you truly are. Only when we fully embrace who we are can we then build the world we want to see: a world that is inclusive and whole, built on the foundation that we are all One.
And so I am told:
Wholeness is not an act of accomplishment, it is merely and miraculously who you are. Every single particle of each being is whole. Parts that have been discarded or hidden away are not gone; they merely await your acceptance and welcome. Your heart is limitless and makes plenty of room to love the unlovable. Consciousness accords you the ability to embrace the parts you consider negative as merely mis-qualified attempts to hide fear from yourself. Consciousness is not something you must strive for; simply allow it to flourish. Each of you chose to be here now at this momentous moment and brought insight, awareness, and compassion to fully illuminate your life. Remember this. You were not sent helpless to a desert island. You came, fully prepared and ready, to change the world with your Light. This is not an ending. It is a Beginning.

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