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Deep Breath

We are in uncharted territory. A political quagmire, authoritarianism seemingly on the rise, uncontrolled climate change, job insecurity caused by an unbalanced economy, and a worldwide pandemic that shows no sign of mitigating - anyone of these would cause uncertainty and concern, but these days we inundated on all sides by all of these and more. And the United States faces an election this week unlike any other this country has seen before.
To say that we feel uncertain and off-center is a gross minimization of what so many are experiencing. As I look around me, it seems everyone is struggling to maintain - well, if not center, at least somewhere nearby.
When the shadow runs rampant, which we can see on the news or even just experience from people around us, fear takes over and the awareness of wholeness is lost. How do we survive divided? This is a good time to ask yourself what you stand for. To ask yourself who you are and if you stand for wholeness and unity or division. That choice decides the fate of all of us.
We all know by now that shadow work, seeking to examine and reclaim the hidden or rejected sides of ourselves, is a good thing. As we lovingly welcome back those parts of ourselves that we have deemed unlovable, we grow visibly into our inherent wholeness. There has never been a more perfect moment to embrace our wholeness than right now.
And so I am told:
Children of the One Mother Father God, the God of Union, at this watershed moment in time/space, we come to you with a message of hope. Your hearts are known by those who watch, guard and guide. Some will stay; some will depart. Some will incite; some will heal. Many will hold the Light higher and higher that all may see it and feel its healing power. Those who choose not to embrace the light have incarnated for the purpose of division, and that is a choice, a role that must be played out in this time/space. Those who listen to their Heartsong know that unity is who you are - who all are - and why you are here. This particular storyline must continue to play out by those who are engaged and have chosen to take part. Those of you who know who you are and your purpose of being the Light will continue to shine regardless of circumstance. As you have heard, it is always darkest before the dawn. Reflect upon this for a moment: The dawn is coming. 
And finally, some reminders from me:
  1. Breathe. Oxygen clarifies, stabilizes and centers.
  2. Utilize the Observer’s Perch. Embracing a higher perspective allows objectivity, balance and detachment which serves to replace fear and anxiety.
  3. Self-care. Feed your heart and soul with that which gently nourishes: meditation, communion with others, prayer, being out in nature, and so on.
  4. Body care. Love your body; after all, you chose it. Eat nutritious food, exercise, and rest.
  5. Trust that all will be well.
  6. Shadow work. Clean out the closet of your past, own projections, recognize and welcome home the rejected parts of yourself.
  7. Learn to see yourself in others that you might know yourself better.
  8. Find or create Community. Virtually!! Reach out to others when you need help or feel alone, or just want to laugh and enjoy the company of others.
  9. What can you give or do for others?
  10. Have faith that you are not alone on this path and that there is a higher purpose to all that occurs.
  11. Embrace your heart and its unwavering message of truth.
  12. Frequently throughout the day, take time to be grateful and particularly when you are down or spiraling.
  13. Shine your Light. Shine it as brightly and completely as you can!
Let me also take a moment to express my profound gratitude to all of you who read my words and those who reach out to me. You expand my world in glorious ways and never let me forget that your brilliant lights are shining so powerfully all around this globe. I am blessed by your presence in my world

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