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Choices. What does peace look like? Are we allowed to be different and unique? Or must we all look alike, think alike and believe alike? If many of us don’t even know who we are individually, projecting our shadows, fears and hates hither and yon, how can we possibly decide who we are together? Many of us have lost relationships with people we care about these last four years. Do we want to continue to be separate, hating those who are not like *us*? Do we want to embrace unity and celebrate our diversity? Who are you? Who do you want to be remembered as? Do you stand for division or unity? If you met yourself face to face, what would you think? Say? Would you choose you?
While we here in the United States have survived the election, and have elected a man dedicated to unifying the nation, there is still an enormous amount of division nationally. That division “out there” is a reflection of what is inside each of us and it has never been more important than now, and in the next few years, that we each recognize, own and take responsibility for that within us that rejects/is frightened by/negates unity. We must embrace unity as our most sacred nature, knowing our divine heritage. That begins now, with each of us.
[The above is what I started writing for my column today and reflects thoughts that have been going through my mind this last week. As I wrote, I was aware of how exhausted and drained I felt and I thought it might help to write about it in my journal. What follows is that entry.]
11/8/2020.   I am exhausted. Drained. Emotionally spent. I expected some of this after a week of constant adrenaline pumping while I was endlessly watching tv, waiting for results to come in and then the absolute relief of hearing Joe Biden declared president-elect and Kamala Harris our next Vice President.
I am craving protein like a starving wolf. And when I say exhausted, I don’t mean a little tired. I mean that I am bone-deep weary from carrying so much these last four years. Living in a world that has appeared contradictory to everything I stand for and believe in was harder than I ever Imagined it would be. Every single day I had to firmly wrap myself in my deeply held spiritual beliefs, knowing I needed to hang on, to keep the faith, hold the light, keep going.
What we see “out there” is a projection from each of us. I know this, accept it and from the beginning, have taken it very personally. So much so that I felt I carried the burden, the karmic responsibility of all the hate and anger and fear I saw “out there”. And it was a very heavy burden indeed. The last four years have been excruciating emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My faith never wavered but I see now that I did not understand my own projection at all.
My job was not to carry responsibility for the actions, words and beliefs of others but to find it in myself. My focus, rather than inward, was on remaining strong in my forward-looking devotion to unity. I donated, I wrote, I attempted to educate others, I advocated, I took my spiritual beliefs to heart and I even grew as a human being.
What I did not see was a hidden place inside me that completely bought into the them vs. us mentality. I created my own polarization. As I sat here this morning, I realized the anger and fear I have carried has washed away. I have carried it like armor and a sword, hiding it fiercely behind righteousness, all these years. With their departure, I could see me again. And what I saw was that, behind all the armor and righteousness, I had taken pleasure in being on the side of right and in defending unity with pride.
Somewhere inside, I had felt more enlightened, more wise, more heart-centered than those who chose a man who represented hate and selfishness and lies. It was there all the time for me to see in his “alternative facts”: I had been hiding behind a mask of self-righteousness.
I have written endlessly about shadow work but missed this opportunity to own a portion of my own.
Wholeheartedly I believe in unity, and my spiritual beliefs are as strong as ever but I see me more clearly, and I recognize my part in this four-year tragedy. I will never agree with his policies and actions, but I see how I helped create and sustain a “them and us” world.
I am humbled and filled with gratitude at the opportunity to see behind my own personal curtain and to welcome home a shadow aspect I am not proud of but for which I am infinitely grateful. Dropping our figurative masks is never easy, and I am struggling a bit with self-judgement but I recognize this moment for the gift that it is.
Choices indeed.
If there is anything these last four years have taught us, it is that we are our own saviors.
~Heather Cox Richardson
I am attaching to all the good forces in the universe ❤️unity dignity hope.
~Sharon Carstedt Briton
You have travelled too fast over false ground;
Now your soul has come, to take you back...
~John O’Donahue
His godfather nodded. But it was compassionate to spare them. Life can be cruel, as you know. But it can also be kind. Filled with wonders. You need to remember that. You have your own choice to make, Armand. Whatre you going to focus on? Whats unfair, or all the wonderful things that happen? Both are true, both are real. Both need to be accepted. But which carries more weight with you?” Stephen tapped the boys chest. The terrible or the wonderful? The goodness or the cruelty? Your life will be decided by that choice.” 
~Excerpt From
All the Devils Are Here
Louise Penny
(Final note: No channeled guidance this week. All I can “hear” is their laughter. It is loving laughter, but laughter nonetheless...)

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  1. Well done! I think we did not hate others we hated their actions. That’s why, like you, I suddenly found peace in my heart when the people chose light going forward, our people, the whole of us. Hearts will soften. The darkness always recedes in the presence of light.
    “thru love all pain turns to medicine .” Rumi
    ☺️Louise Penney…she’s giving off some light!

  2. Thank you, Jan, for this wonderful inspiration. Yes, the day of the election, more of my students chose true love over 5 million dollars, which was a refreshing change. Yes!!! Let’s laugh – let’s gorge ourselves on humor that uplifts, not humor that tears down. Namaste.

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