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Polarization is exhausting, isn’t it? All over the world, there are the pro-masks and anti-masks, pro-lockdown and anti, never mind the extremes in our governments. We all have strong feelings about *something* but wouldn’t it be nice if we could find a way to just take a breath and calm down? Find a way to let the dust settle?
We are now entering a wormhole, as Stephanie refers to an eclipse passage, and many of us are familiar with this process of surrender as we move through an accelerated period of transformation. Yes, I know, 2020 has been one long transformation of sorts. But are we getting anywhere or are we still dividing, polarizing?
This wormhole delivers us to 2021 and with it, ourselves. Chaos continues but if you listen very carefully, you might hear something in the wind. Anticipation? Hope? Healing? Allow yourselves the time to go within and experience these wondrous energies that make their way into our lives throughout the coming months. Find them in spite of what you perceive “out there”. They exist within you, and as we make them tangible inside ourselves, so they will manifest without.
What happens when polarization reaches its furthest point? Does it spring back to the center and start over... or does it break free from the extreme tension and just slowly dissipate, fading away into the cautionary tales of the future?
I come back to a question I have asked many times over the last year: who are we? Who am I?
And so I am told:
Prepared or not, change comes for all beings. Some will resist, others will breathe a sigh of relief. Transformation is the greatest of all changes, a sacred endeavor, allowing you to access the deepest depth of your Be-ing. When the I Am presence calls, the soul must answer.
The caterpillar dies to become the butterfly. The seed dies to become the plant. All that is required is that each surrender to process, trusting that all will be well, that the soul knows the path forward. 
Ego may attempt to interfere but must be pressed aside. Only the soul may direct from here. As world events illustrate, ego misleads and misdirects. Your heart is the voice of your soul and must be heeded as you surrender to your greatest truth.  
(The following is from this week last year and seemed particularly timely so I am including it in this week’s offering.)
I woke up this morning with the words “pay attention” reverberating in my head. As I made my way to the kitchen for coffee, the words continued. I fed the dogs, did some laundry, planned my day, and still I heard the words “pay attention”.
So I stopped. I sat down, got quiet and I listened to the world around me. I. Got. Quiet. I felt my heartbeat. I listened to my breath and I began to feel the rhythm of my body. Tight muscles began to relax and a sense of well being filled my body. I felt my breath slow and I began to settle back into my body with a sense of coming home.
Those who guide me tell me that those moments when we turn inward and pay attention help us connect not only with our inner selves, but also more deeply with Mother Earth and each other. We must learn to live consciously, paying attention in every moment. The need for this becoming extremely important, I am told. In my mind’s eye, I am shown a fishnet-like framework, with each of us as the points of connection, and this framework surrounds the earth.
And they tell me that our simple act of paying attention creates this framework. This simple? I asked incredulously. And with all the love with which they surround me, they replied resoundingly: Yes. Just this simple. It has always been thus. The inner world creates the outer world. But it must begin with paying attention to your own inner world.
We cannot forget that we are changing with the world, and that change must be supported and nourished. Pay attention to the thoughts you tell yourself, the decisions and choices you make. Reach out to others for support if you need it. Most of all, pay attention to that inner self with which you are blessed. I am told that we must be vigilant in this pursuit because it will become increasingly more important. Everyone I talk to is struggling in some way and it is important that we who can create a safe haven within for ourselves and for others. A global community is consciously arising and we must be members in good standing so that we may create a powerful foundation for all of us.
So I say to you Pay Attention. The single most important thing you can do for yourself every day is simply pay attention to your inner self. Allow yourself moments to reboot, to check in with yourself and see what you need. So go on, go sit down and just breathe.

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