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2020 continues to astound and amaze, doesn’t it? We have grown so much this year, learning to balance the horrifying with the angelic and to trust that we are headed in our own best direction. We have faced hurdles we never expected and we know we still have hurdles ahead.
This week we enter the “sideways elevator”, as Stephanie calls an eclipse passage, a process of delivering us to the exact place we are supposed to be via a shortcut of sorts through time and space. I am writing this days before, but the energies associated with this season of eclipses are palpable. What particularly strikes me about this upcoming eclipse and beyond is that the incoming energy is both powerful and carries great dignity.
I am told that this is because we have been through the extreme polarities of experience this last year, and before, and it is time to begin the process of active Wholing again.
After all, Wholing is merely the mirrored reflection of breaking, is it not so? Time to “see” the Whole picture. A harvest of sorts begins, as the consequences of actions and thought forms become manifest and apparent, less in a karmic way, and more of a balancing and restoring passage. Awakening will continue, in the form of sudden and unexpected happenings, but all will occur to move balance forward and restore order and harmony.   Many are discovering hidden depths within and many more will begin to awaken, even among those who have chosen other pathways. Each has played their designated role, and those will begin to lose their allure as the need and desire for Wholing becomes significantly more important.
The Mother carries the Heart of all living things and the Father restores balanced order. Together their united hearts and vision will bathe the earth in light and love, imbuing every living creature with a restorative reset. The Master of Transmutation leads the way, opening the passage to Wholing. All will be cleared before the Mother and Father, that their light and vision will bless all living creatures including the blessed planet on which each reside. Open your hearts and welcome the coming golden days ahead. Allow He who transmutes to cleanse the path ahead, open eyes that are shuttered and awaken hearts that are closed or resistant. There is much work yet to be done and it will require the involvement of all. Each will be called according to skill, inclination and desire. The Light of each beating heart provides fuel and impetus, for this is the Divine Directive. Each beating heart is nothing without the other, for indeed and truly, all are each an aspect of the One.
Let Gratitude be your constant companion, and Truth the monitor of words and thoughts. Let every action be based in integrity. Care for one another and self with wholehearted commitment.   Make considered and compassionate choices about your health and the health of others. Breathe the Light of the One deeply into your heart for it refreshes and restores. Allow your Light to blaze forth, undeterred by current events and past wounds. Prepare to embrace that for which you were born.
(For those of you who reside in the States, I hope you had a blessed and safe Thanksgiving. To all of you, I send my love and continued appreciation. We still have hard days before us. Let each step you take forward be one of considered safety for all. We can do this.)

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