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As we wobble toward the end of a most disconcerting year, I do what I do every year and try to take stock of where I have been and what I would like to take with me. One important element of that is to evaluate the space around me.
In the past, I have bemoaned the fact that my home and life didn’t always reflect the spiritual side of me.  In my mind, I saw a very peaceful, zen environment with candles and quiet music playing.  The reality is anything but that.  Dog toys everywhere, grandchildren in and out, there are always a thousand things to do and all of them interrupt that idea I had in my mind of what my life should look like.
But I realized (remembered) that my sacred is mine no matter what it looks.  My sacred space has dogs in it. And cats. And books. And baking. And blessed grandchildren. And my grown children. Friends, one day soon again, I hope. My life, like everybody else’s, has obligations and responsibilities.  My life has interruptions and chaos and mess. Just like your does. Just like everyone.  My life looks like a life well-lived, like a sweater you have owned and worn for decades because you love it.  It is not a perfect life, none are, after all, but it is a good life, and it is certainly one supported by and created from the deep well of the Sacred I carry within my heart.  And yeah, sometimes I even manage to light candles and get music playing.
I have learned to look at everything I do, everything in my house and everyone I encounter through a lens of “is this sacred and if not, why?”  As I write of the importance of doing our own personal work, facing our shadows and so on, I continue doing the same in my own life.  No matter how much work we do there are still layers upon layers (remember the spiral of growth?) of “stuff” to be discovered and brought into the light.  Remember that those you encounter serve as mirrors of yourself. What message or information about yourself do they bring?
With every bit of work and insight into yourself, every bit of clearing you do, your spiritual foundation grows ever stronger, uplifting your life and clearing your energy field.
In these days of chaos and uncertainty, facing ourselves, owning our whole selves and stepping into who we truly are is incredibly important.  We cannot heal our world without this vital step.  Whatever remains unacknowledged and unaddressed, we will take forward with us into the New World.  As we know, this is the end of an Age and the beginning of one, and it is ours to create the world as we want to see.
And so I am told:
There are hard days yet to traverse. The chaos continues and must complete itself.  Do not allow the disruptions around you to mesmerize you so completely that you miss all that is being created at the same time.  The Divine Feminine rises in all her long-awaited glory.  Allow yourself to emulate Her and flow through the coming days, certain of your place in the world and your next right steps.  Division gives way to unity, hearts will open and trust will be born anew. The Light returns.
“Everything... every single thing... that you know to be true about you deserves to be part of the place setting where you sit at the table of life. Should you feel a bit of disequilibrium in accepting all your assets, take a moment to stabilize and get your legs underneath you. Then, walk in the balance that you are.”  Philip Sedgwick

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  1. Dear Jan, Thank you for this and all of your beautiful writings. The word SACRED was in my mind and heart as I woke up today. This comes with my wishes for a very peaceful, joy filled holiday week leading up to the New Year for you & yours. May the SACRED rule 2021 🙂 <3 Much Love Peg

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