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New Year’s Eve, 2020. Here we are again, at the doorway to a new year. We usually approach this night and the beginning of a new year with anticipation and hope, but this year seems particularly poignant and fraught. We are, for the most part, different people than we were a year ago. We are stronger in many ways and presumably wiser as a result of the catastrophic and incredible year that was 2020.
This year I stand before that new door with a little more hesitation than usual. The chaos of the last year has left us with a great deal that needs to be cleaned up and thrown out, and all of that will take time. And yes, much to be grateful for.
2021 offers us a doorway forward, but first, we must honor the year that was 2020. We will all be forever changed by it. Happy New Year to all of you, with my heartfelt love and appreciation.
And so I am told:
Breathe for your breath will sustain you. Hope because it leads you forward. Sorrow for all that was lost, including human lives, which must be grieved. Release for it opens your heart. Your hearts were designed to remain open, more open and glorious than you can imagine. Prepare yourselves to find out just how much.
Your world has changed and you emerge from the darkness with eyes stunned by the Light. Ease your eyes open for it will take time to adjust your world view and your hard-won knowledge of Self. Breathe to ignite the heart and soul once more. The Shadow that lay over humanity, obscuring all view, is vanishing. What you thought familiar and true will fade away before your fiery eyes. Have no fear when the familiar is forever changed. One cannot have new and true without releasing the bonds of the past. One would no more return to childhood after achieving adulthood. To attempt to turn back now would be the same.
Each of you is new as well. The face in the mirror may look the same, but the awakened spirit and heart within has never before walked this earth. Prepare to find your world has expanded, has been made new and you with it. Each of you is part of something magnificent, something never before experienced, something divine.
Sense what is before you with your hands. Hear with your eyes, and listen with your hearts. Senses expand and become new while wonder and generosity fill the air. Expect nothing but leave room for everything to spring into being.
Rest your hands on the doorway that opens before you, pausing to breathe and acknowledge the enormity of this passing.
Now you are ready to open the door and step forward.

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