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Many people have reached out to me this week expressing their horror at the abominable events that occurred in the Capitol building and because they’re exhausted and depressed, frightened, and overwhelmed.  The relentlessness of 2020 just won't let go and it is taking a toll on everyone.  While we have known that the disruptive days in the United States were going to be around for a while, knowing does not make it any easier, does not make our stress levels any lower, and does not make our hearts any more peaceful.
We are exhausted. Exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  There is no way around that. We also know the dark days will continue as the US finds some kind of resolution, some kind of healing, and some kind of newness to carry us into the New Age. Not all of the days coming will be dark, thankfully, but enough will be a heavy burden, and our hearts are already heavy.
Our world is changing and we are changing with it. We must remember that we are no longer quiet acquiescent bystanders; we are active participants in how we create this new world.  Every decision moving forward must be from the heart and not from the ego or the lower mind. Does it benefit all of us? Or does it just benefit me? This is our opportunity to reformat who we are in the world and who want to see in our own mirror.  In doing so, we create the New World.
One thing I can say without equivocation is that our future lies in Unity, not in division. If we want peace then we need to find ways to unite, and Union begins within.  Over the years we have been taught methods that are essential for navigating these tumultuous days.  Utilizing the Observer’s Perch allows us to step out of the fray and change our perspective and our need to judge.  That perch allows our equilibrium to be reclaimed and embraced, and from a place of equilibrium, we can move forward in Unity.
We must not forget the importance of the Breath.  Deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth refresh and recharge the body, allowing the body to settle.  Many of us, when under stress, breathe shallowly, using only the top of our lungs instead of our diaphragms.  Take time to consciously breathe with your belly. In for a count of 5, hold for a count of 5, out for a count of 5, and hold for another 5. Repeat.
Utilize the Wholing Ray. Visualize its glorious warm white energy coming in through the crown of your head, all the way through your body and out through your feet, washing away all resistance and asking Mother Earth to transform all that has been washed from you into Love.  Allow this Ray to bathe you in Wholeness, refreshing, recharging, and renewing your Be-ing.
Allow your emotions to move through you for they are energy in motion, designed to inform us and move us forward, but they must be acknowledged to allow them that movement.  Resisting their expression only makes your struggle harder.  Scream in a bathroom, cry, yell, journal, mourn, walk - do whatever you can to allow these emotions their process in a healthy and safe way.
Reach out to others of like mind and heart. You are not alone.  We are a community, and as such, stand by with open hands and hearts for each other. My email address is included in my bio on this site if you would like to email me.
All of the usual self-care options apply here too.  Make sure you are caring for your body with sleep, nutritious food, and movement. Make sure you are feeding your heart and soul with prayer, meditation, whatever makes your heart sing.  As I have said to you before, self-care is the most loving gift you can give yourself.  Find those things that make your heart sing and allow yourself their gift, even if only for a few minutes.  Our Lights cannot shine very brightly if we are not taking care of them.
We chose to be here for this, so it is important to keep that thought ever-present.  Your glorious Light, each and every one of you, is essential.  While the world turns over, we are holding the framework.  Never underestimate your importance each and every day and especially when the going gets tough, like this last week. This has been a difficult time for all of us but we must keep going, remembering that we are the Light on Earth.
And so I am told:
Even in the darkest of nights, the Light still shines.  This must never be forgotten. The darkest hidden aspects of the United States are being exposed and released and will continue to do so until all is brought to Light. This is sacred, do you see? This act of baring all that is hidden is the ultimate act of bowing down before the One and becoming only the Soul that you are. This process begins in the United States but will encompass the world before it completes itself, washing all foundational darkness away.  This is the agreement and the promise.  What exhausts now is the process of letting go of all you thought true, including who you think you are.  The Ego has been lost in a dream and thinking you are finding your self in a nightmare.  My beloved children, instead you are awakening! We rejoice for your awakening, and remain by your sides, each and every one of you. That which you have held within your heart as the perfect peace is being made manifest with every step every day.  But first, you must see with all senses the “reality” that has been wrought with shadow, fear, anger, hate, and greed. Inner discord mis-creates.  This mis-creation must be taken apart, piece by piece, before the foundation of the New World can be fully established.  This same process occurs within you, creating depression and fatigue.  Allow it no purchase; instead fearlessly allow it to pass through each of you, taking mis-creation with it.  Heart and mind unite bringing insight and higher vision.  This Awakening is divinely sanctioned and acknowledged.  indeed, it is your most sacred obligation.  You are birthing both yourselves and the world in which you live. 
Return your focus to your heart, finding there the love you need in these difficult times.  We who guard and guide shower you with love as well.  Within your deepest heart lies a doorway to your truest self.  Allow this door to open and lead you Home.


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  1. Thank you Jan. It is easy to get lost in the collapse & think that everything has been ineffectual & then to lose hope in the future.
    This country has blood on its hands but to be born on this continent is a gift of progression according to ancient mystery school teachings. Your words help us to regroup, renew, & begin again.🙏

  2. Thank you Jan. Brought tears to my eyes! Beautiful.
    FYI, I don’t find your email included anymore.
    So much Love & Light to you and All🌟🙏🏻💕

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