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On my bookcase in the living room, there is a small figurine of a woman, sitting cross-legged with her head slightly bowed. Her arms are slightly rounded, with one palm resting in the palm of the other hand. She is at repose, serene and peaceful.
This morning, my eyes have been continuously drawn to her.  Her serenity seems very loud somehow.  Perhaps this is because we are entering a week of change, hope and possible risk here in the United States, and I am a little unsettled.
I dreamed last night of the three faces of the Goddess, Maiden, Mother and Crone. Each was offering me a gift.  I could not see the gift, only their hands extended toward me.  In my dream, I hesitated and that is all I remember, although the image stays alive in my heart and mind.
I was offered three choices, three gifts which makes me think of the choices we make every day that direct our path forward.  As conscious beings here on Earth, we have been blessed with the ability to deliberately choose that distinct pathway forward.  Some will stoke the fires of their anger and resentment and choose a path of darkness and destruction.  Some will choose to take responsibility and commit themselves to healing and Wholing.  Some will choose by not choosing, defaulting into what is familiar.
Perhaps I am being told that this is that moment when we must make a conscious choice which path belongs to us as we step forward into this momentous week.  Once chosen, we must then step forward without regret, fear or anticipation, trusting that we will find our way; each step a considered and careful commitment to a way of Be-ing that informs and awakens and returns us to the sacred Be-ing that we are meant to be.
What I know to be true is that the choice doesn’t matter, at least from a higher perspective, because the truth hides in plain sight: all choices lead ultimately to the same place.  We each have had a part to play in the dissolving world of polarity.  The only difference in our paths has been resistance. The more resistance to truth and light there is, the “longer” it takes to remember we are all one, in this together. And then there is the issue of karma....
I know a thing or two about resistance.  While I consider my life to have been a path toward consciousness, I admit I have meandered at times, getting lost in drama and need.  I have made deliberate choices I paid for in the end.  Age does have its wisdom and I do live very differently now.  I am profoundly grateful for the lessons I learned along the way but isn’t that the point? That misdirection should serve as lessons to awaken us and give us the opportunity to choose our path forward again?
Any commitment, any choice we make is not a one-time decision; it is a constant process of deciding, again and again, to move forward. This process occurs in our hearts,  where the Truth lives.  The three “big” choices, which inspired this offering, maybe occasionally unconscious choices but they are nonetheless deliberate. In our hearts, we all know where we are aimed and what motivates us.  Hiding from our own truth simply sets off a lifetime of coming face to face with our choice, in different guises, until we see it, acknowledge it and own it.  As we move into this new age, our focus must be one of unity.
And so I am told:
The resistance of humankind to see its inherent unity and oneness is a roadblock that has outlived its usefulness as a teaching opportunity.  In the minds of many, familiarity brings comfort and safety, hence the attachment of humans to others of their “kind”.  This resistance has been made visible and undeniable so that humans may see the folly of their beliefs.  This same storyline has played out before in your history with marginal change.  You are once again faced with change and choice and those who guard and guide stand by to assist all who seek our help. There are many humans at work in this moment who may lead the way into unity, both through action and intention.  Ask yourselves, each of you, if you are aligned with the Light and ready to step forward.  With the awareness of Light in your heart, all things are possible and the way forward is open.
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  1. Dear Jan, for me to express my love and gratitude for your heart
    warming and beautiful writings in the Cosmicpath Channels is long over due. Every week it is such a comfort to read your words and of the words from the powers that be that share profound insights with you. God Bless You and I thank you with my whole heart and soul for your sharing.❤️❤️❤️ God Bless all of humanity and the Earth 🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸

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