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This month has been so tumultuous that I am still reeling from all that has happened.  Elections in Georgia with the Senate hanging in the balance, to edge of the seat suspense, awaiting results of the election to transcendent joy at the results.  From there into domestic terror threats, Inauguration Day creeping closer but so very slowly - and then the attack on the Capitol Building and our very structure as a country and a democracy.
I had no words in those moments, focusing only the next right step, dizzy with information/experience overload.  Even now I wonder what to say to write of all that has transpired, and my experience within those events.
Life plugged along in those days - busy as always with life.  Thankfully, my family and friends provided much needed grounding and uplifting joy.
A moment of relief occurred when I received my first vaccine.  I was nervous about it but it was easy, quick and virtually painless. No side effects with this first one.  Covid weighs heavily on my mind, with the possibility of exposure everywhere.  Here in the South many consider it little more than a cold or the flu, and have little regard for safety protocols.
And then. And then...we were creeping up on Inauguration Day, dread and fear and hope a staccato repetition in my mind. Praying for safety, anxious about the possibility of violence, ready for change and promise.
And when it arrived, the promise was fulfilled.  The United States took a collective breath of clean fresh hope and promise and released an exhalation of fear, anxiety, grief and hopelessness. Over four years of lungs that could not breathe properly, tears that were too painful to shed, and a heart that was breaking...
I do not deceive myself to think we are through with the similar battles as we move toward unity. There are still too many who consider that destroying everything is a viable option so they may feel “right”.  But we are once again a  member of the world community, and our national honor and dignity will be restored in the eyes of our allies.  Those who were culpable for the attack of the Capitol will be weeded out and brought to justice.  And we will begin in earnest the sacred work of saving ourselves from Covid and our world from climate change.  We will begin to understand the importance of unity.
I can’t know how it will turn out.  I can’t know if we will succeed in any of our hopeful endeavors. But I do know this:  with our hearts and hands open, we can accomplish miracles.
And so I am told:
Change has been wrought, and will continue in the days to come. Some may call these the End of Days, but we say to you truly - is  that not just another name for the Dawn of Beginnings?  All parts of a whole must be Unified and considered.  No more can humankind dwell on one side of a dual concept.  If Light is to be considered, then it follows that Darkness must also be considered.  If Union is to be achieved, one must embrace the entirety of Union, for is not coming together and breaking apart both aspects of Union and parts of the same whole?  Search deeply within yourself for those aspects within that are polarized and separate.  Seek to unify that which is separate, if only in the recognition that it exists within you.  
Your work is just beginning blessed ones.  The days for which you were called are here.  You have accessed hidden depths within your hearts and souls and are now prepared to step forward.  Do so in confidence knowing that you are exactly where you need to be at this moment of time/space.
(My apologies to those of you whose politics are not aligned with mine. I can only speak of my experiences here and hope that you are able to apply them to you, your experiences and life, in some meaningful way.  Regardless of politics, my entire life and being is built upon a foundation of  unity and the prayer that we may all come together in peace.) 
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