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I dreamed last night that I was in my car, driving at night, and following a car being driven by my daughter. I suddenly became aware that my vision was becoming wonky and I couldn’t see very well.  I blinked my eyes repeatedly to clear them, struggling to see.  I hit the brakes to slow down since I didn’t want to go off the road.  My brakes didn’t work so I tried the hand brake which finally slowed me down.  I had no idea where I was and if I was safe.  I must have been able to stop because the dream shifted and my daughter and I were in a store together.
A very disconcerting dream, and similar to others I have had over the years.  Letting go of control has always been hard for me, as I expect it is for most people.  I have been thinking about that lately, about that moment when life changes irrevocably and the mind, in that brief moment of change, actually believes “it” isn’t happening and “it”, whatever “it” is, can be changed or thwarted or stopped.   “This can’t be happening.”
We have lived through so much of those kinds of moments in the last years, and Covid only exacerbates that feeling of helplessness, of the hammer raised above the head, waiting to fall.  It is a difficult place to find comfort and ease, and yet, I find that in so many ways, we have.
What does this mean for us moving forward?  I am not really sure, but it certainly makes us lighter on our feet, so to speak, and more maneuverable.  But it also makes us edgy, anticipating the worst, and maybe more resistant to relaxing and giving ourselves to the moment. that what it has actually taught us?  Maybe we are finally facing the inescapable fact that control is truly an illusion and becoming more comfortable with it, finding our way forward in the moment while knowing that each step is a prayer rather than a plan.
And so I am told:
There is, of course, a plan for each life but it remains the property, so to speak, of the higher Self.  Each individual’s plan is a framework and its secretive nature is by design. Knowing the plan ahead of time would eliminate the individual’s free will and ability to learn and grow with each choice.
One of the most important lessons of not knowing the plan ahead of time is the element of trust.  Learning to trust that all not only will be well but is well every moment is one of the most difficult lessons each being must embrace.  Attachment hinders the ability to trust, and humans abound in attachments. One must learn to love without limits and with open hands.  In that way, the plan can evolve and flourish, and the soul to grow.

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