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For the Week of November 12, 2018


A woman reclines on her back, knees up and apart as she strains to give
birth. Her labor intensifies. As I watch, the baby begins to enter the world.
The Mother’s thighs each become a mass of angry people, yelling and
waving signs on either side of the birthing baby.




















This newborn child becomes a glorious light filled something that is so radiant one can’t help
but wonder why the people of either side don’t - can’t - see it.
And so I am told:
Push fear far from your heart. There is no room for doubters and naysayers
now. Observe the polarized masses. They take their places as if
what they do will matter. Each to a side, they rant, they scream. And for
what? Their posturing does not bring renewal. Instead it misdirects and
obfuscates. Look. Look again. Here in the middle, the New is already
entering the world. Its outcome is assured. Be not dismayed by what the
polarized masses are telling you. Rejoice in your heart for the Birth is here.
And rest assured, the Mother will not let her Child go unprotected.

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.








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