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Safety. What is safety?  This last year has rocked our foundations. Everything we believed to be true has been shaken and twisted and sometimes dismantled. Many of us don’t even have the luxury of loved ones to cling to.  Just when vaccines seem like a possibility, we now have variants which may or may not be more lethal.  And then there is the availability of vaccines with which to contend...and jobs and housing and...and.....
I read an article today about “pandemic fatigue”.  People are overwhelmed and beaten down. Many I know feel like they are carrying very heavy loads, loads that are becoming too heavy.  And that little voice in the back of our heads, that tells us we “can’t”, that we aren’t strong enough, that our burdens are too heavy, just become louder and louder.....
So safety. What is it?  How do we find it? What does it look like?  What does it feel like? Is it even real?
Physical safety is, of course, an illusion. We say that not to cause concern but to reassure you.  Your physical incarnation is a bridge between the sum of you and the individual lessons you must learn.  Therefore, all you see before you is the lesson plan you and your Higher Self have planned for this lifetime.  Your Souls and Higher Selves are immortal for they are Light Incarnate and a living aspect of the One. So yes, all are safe, even knowing that physical life ends, the body is no more, but that which is the “heart” of you, lives on and is forever Light. 
A reminder again, that concern about safety is an indication that fear is undermining the foundations of trust and faith.  Face the fear with an open and loving heart, accepting all the comes with peace.  Humankind walks the blurred boundary between endings and beginnings. One must be discerning and pay attention. Beginnings and endings are mirrored faces of one whole. In Union, all answers are found, and it is Union you are here to remember.
(A reminder from me:  if you are struggling right now, please reach out to a friend, family member, this community or professional.  Times are tough right now, but no one should struggle alone.  I send love and hugs to all. We can do this. )

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