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Truth is an interesting concept, isn’t it? As I watched the impeachment trial this week, I was struck by all the many ways we each see any situation.  We are each convinced that our version is THE truth, right? But given how complex each of us are, with our individual beliefs, experiences, ethics, and values, how could we ever possibly agree on what the “truth” is in any given situation?
I think of arguments I have had in the past, 100% certain of the truth of my position, and so busy defending that place that I could not hear the words and emotions of the person with whom I was arguing.  There was never any possibility of us finding common ground.  Usually, later, cooler heads prevailed and more open communication was possible.  Usually.  I certainly know that in those long-ago arguments, I was more interested in being right than in finding a way forward together.  I was considerably less capable of seeing my own responsibilities and owning them.
This trial, as most trials do, had opposing views of the truth. Nothing unexpected there.  But this particular trial was a visible example of where many of us residents of this earth are right now.  We seem to be divided between those who desire a more unified world and those who want to retain or increase their power and authority.
Now, that is not particularly surprising.  I have written many times before about the decline and fall of the patriarchy and restoring the balance between the Divine Male and Divine Female principles.  We are watching this play out before us and among us.  Life seems both very encouraging and very fraught right now, doesn’t it? Hard to know which end is up sometimes.
Historically, we have swung back and forth between patriarchy and matriarchy; long periods have existed of each.  The current period of patriarchy has been active for a very very long time.  We know we are moving toward the center, given all the many unifying changes we have seen in the last century alone.  But for every step forward, it often feels like two steps back.
Back and forth, a pendulum begins with wide, slow arcs, out to one side and back to the opposite side.  In the middle lies Union, a place where both sides become one.  As the pendulum slows,  the arcs become shorter and change quicker - moving back and forth rapidly.  That is the process we are currently experiencing. We know that a New Age is beginning bit the birth pains continue. Many call it the dawn of a new Golden Age, but it sure feels uncomfortable right now, doesn’t it, as we move back and forth, each side defining their truth with fervor?
And yet...
If a pendulum continues its back and forth motion, eventually it reaches the center where it slows and finally stops.  All growth and experience stop in that moment.
Anyone who has ever played with a pendulum knows that they don’t just go back and forth, opposite to opposite. They also make circles, sometimes small and sometimes very large. The circles don’t move back and forth; they seem to keep going on and on and on.  All Truth and possibilities live within that circle.
And so I am told:
The Circle of Life is called that not only because it contains all of life from beginning to end, but because it represents and contains all possibility in perfect Union.  Once this is understood, every experience, thought, feeling, and insight make perfect sense, does it not?  There lies within the circle the possibility to exist in perfect balance, experiencing fully all of life without the temptation to identify with the experience to the extent that all perspective is lost, such as you all see played out before you and within you daily.  Your purpose is to exist within the center of that circle in perfect balance. The Truth of who you are lies within your heart, the center of your own circle, and that Truth should and must inform the Truth at play in the world around you.  You may only project onto that world you see before you that which lies within you.  That simple truth should both alarm and delight you, and impress upon you the need for scrupulous honesty and clarity within your heart, for until you know yourself and acknowledge the Truth of who you are in entirety, you will continue to see and experience all unacknowledged and mis-qualified energies, beliefs, and patterns within you. 
Having faced all that is within you, and what you see within you is acceptance and Love, then acceptance and Love is all you will see before you. Let that be your guide, your prayer and your truth. 
A man who is unconscious of himself acts in a blind, instinctive way and is in addition fooled by all the illusions that arise when he sees everything that he is not conscious of in himself coming to meet him from outside as projections upon his neighbour.
— Carl Jung
“The shadow is needed now more than ever. We heal the world when we heal ourselves, and hope shines brightest when it illuminates the dark.”
― Sasha Graham

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