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On Saturday last, Stephanie’s Cosmic Consciousness Daily blog included a profound meditation for the degree of Mercury’s station by the incredible Ellias Lonsdale.  During her Master Class later that day, she read the meditation aloud, and I believe it bears repeating here.  Normally, I would write about whatever is up for me but this message is so important and profound that I want to make sure all of you have access to it.
We all know how divided the US, and indeed the world, are right now, and many feel helpless and frustrated by the situation.  I have written about Unity countless times and how important it is that unity become our focus, our commitment and our future. This meditation offers a powerful way forward.

Aquarius 12: A heated argument turns to laughter.

“Both sides in every dispute feed each other lines, make each other go, can’t do without their opposite pole in its karmic position of being so far other.  Both sides are desperate to perpetuate the dispute in order to have an ego existence, in order to know where they are, who they are and why they are.
Yet both sides are the polar expression of a third dynamic, a third force.  Everything waits upon the third force coming into play. Only when it is fully there, actively acknowledged by both sides, can the third force do its deep work in the situation as intended, as prearranged.
The third force is the evolutionary power of synthesis, of integration, of wholeness, of co-creation. It is the multidimensional future dynamic at work. Here this is spontaneously forthcoming as soon as we have exhausted our fascination with the polarities. Then it comes right in and shows us the true greater pictures which encompasses and bring peace and understanding.
When we do hear, feel and attend to the third force, what we have been carrying forever is stripped down and shown a different way to be.  This can then extend itself into a far-flung series of poised experiences thematically woven.  We forget and remember, get distracted and then come upon what we needed to see all along.
This mental energy defines the evolutionary edge of the collective. It is a timely intervention. That which is was too narrowly conceived, too rigidly held, opens up its doors and lets light in. This contained entity, the ego-mind loses so all of us can win. The result is inevitable, the process gripping.”
Incredible, right?  Later that day, I watched a tv show that introduced to me the concept of restorative justice, which is a theory of justice designed to repair the harm caused by criminal behavior.  The emphasis is placed on accountability, the making of amends, and potentially includes facilitated meetings between victims, offenders and others.  It is a cooperative process for healing. (See
This is exactly what Mr. Lonsdale’s meditation is expressing.  And it is what numerology has been telling us for as long as we have had numerology: When two singularities come together, they create the possibility of the Divine Third.  Think two parents creating a child.  Or two polarities creating a third way.....  The possibilities are endless.  The potential is, frankly, mind blowing.
And so I am told:
For Union to occur, the singularity must accept that it contains within it the possibility of everything.  The human ego has, throughout time/space, over-identified with the individual, forgetting that it is part of the Whole. The search for completion was set aside and replaced with the search for pleasure. The Ego, which was meant to be a tool for individuation, replaced the Heart Mind with its insatiable drive for pleasure. The Ego expected to find wholeness in pleasure, which lead to addictive behaviors because the Ego can never be satisfied.  It seeks to control its environment by limiting exposure and openness to change. The more it rejects anger, fear and anything other than pleasure, the more those very concepts express themselves, thus creating a never ending cycle of desperation.
 The Heart Mind is complete unto itself, and knows itself to be part of All That Is, of which pleasure is only a small part.  It does not seek to lose itself in the pursuit of pleasure, as the Ego does, but to re-member itself as Whole.  This Unity is its purpose, its drive and its teaching. 
Humankind might see this as the original fall from Grace, but all must know that humans chose this path in order to more fully experience the physical realm. The pursuit of pleasure, of which the need to be “right” is a part, became the common goal and the higher truths became obscured.  The Heart Mind was silenced in most.
In this time of awakening, and with awareness and commitment, the Heart Mind can be restored to its proper place.  Many already hear its sacred voice and are re-membering their divine nature; many who seek a new and better way forward, toward Unity. This path is open to all.
(NOTE: The meditation “Aquarius 12” by Ellias Lonsdale is reprinted by permission from the author’s book Star Sparks.)

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  1. So right on track,this to me is the narrow way described by Jesus, thank you Jan for putting the pieces together “a three cord strand is not easily broken”beautiful

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