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As I observe a world that still seems stubbornly polarized in so many ways, I have wondered how we humans will ever learn to place Unity before the need to be right.  Reflecting on human history, I know that behaviors, ideals, beliefs, rights, and laws all can and do change to reflect the changes within our society.  We have all experienced many such changes in our lifetimes but it seems natural to me that we will learn Union most personally in our individual lives, in the ways we interact with those around us.  Will we keep doing the same things over and over, or learn new ways of interacting?
And so I am told:
Patterns of behavior ebb and flow, so that those who participate and those who observe can learn.  Lessons are powerfully reinforced through repetition and observation.  They also act as milestones so that awakening can be measured, so to speak.  When one repeats a certain pattern of behavior, one can then ask oneself: is my reaction similar, better, worse or non-existent this time? What have I learned??  Consider an argument with another that one has argued with before.  How is your reaction different from other arguments? Or similar to other arguments? How has your interaction changed - or not changed?
Why do we mention this?  We seek to bring your attention to the quieter times between activity, that you begin to may allow your Awakened Self to regard and direct your life rather than your Ego.  This conscious participation in your life allows you to both direct your steps forward and to maintain balance in all things.  Reacting to a given situation limits your responsiveness.  The conscious act of observing and processing a situation allows you to choose if, how, when or whether you participate.
In the days yet to come, this skill will become ever more important as you learn to adapt to a unified world.  Unity must become the foundation of all you think and do.  Each person before you is both a part of the Whole and a mirrored form of your beliefs and patterns of thought. With this in mind, it makes the “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” lesson more profound, does it not?  As you treat others, so you treat yourself with the same lack of or abundance of love and acceptance.  Unity must begin within each heart.


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