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For the last couple of weeks, I have sensed these lovely wispy spirals coming up from the ground.  Sounds strange, I know, but they felt ephemeral and yet filled me with anticipation and hope of new beginnings.
As we passed the one-year anniversary of the pandemic, my knee-jerk reaction was to feel a little blue, but these wispy spirals kept me distracted. I began to notice that my attitude of same old, different year was changing, lifting. Then Saturday, the New Moon in Pisces blew through my body, my mind, my emotions and my spirit. I don’t think I have ever experienced a new moon quite like that.  Of course, it was accompanied by several new planetary cycles starting at well which certainly boosted the experience. (If you haven’t or don’t read all the many offerings on this site, I encourage you to do so.).
The spirals I experienced reminded me of the Wholing Ray and Saturday’s new moon was a full-blown burst of that incredible energy. I have been working with the Wholing Ray for the last couple of years, an energy that is less about healing, although it does provide healing, and more about creating Wholeness.   This energy is available to everyone if you simply ask for it and allow yourself to receive it.  I have always received it through the crown of my head but Saturday’s experience was fully multi-dimensional and very powerful.
And so I am told:
The Wholing Ray is indeed available to all, for it is in every breath you take, for those who waken.  Breathe deeply, for new beginnings are indeed here.  With this in mind, we offer this benediction.
Blessed children of the Light, may your hearts be filled with inspiration and your eyes open to all possibility. May attachment lessen its hold on the human heart allowing love absolute freedom of expression. May the coming days delight, inspire and rejuvenate with conscious awareness of and appreciation for the long path that brought all to this time/space. May illusion pass away, and open hearts prevail. You are blessed to us and to all wise ones who observe, guard and guide.  May you all remember that you exist in Oneness.

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