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The news this week was horrific.  The selfish, mindless killing of innocent people just to satisfy the ungovernable shadow aspects of one young male has just gutted me. Not because we haven’t seen this kind of behavior, but exactly because we have and it still continues. Unabatedly.
I dream of a better, kinder world. A world where we help one another rise to their potential. A world where one race, one color, one religion, one gender, one bank account is not more valued than another.  I dream of a world where life is appreciated and celebrated, not ripped away for selfish reasons.  I dream of a world where Mother Earth is cherished and nurtured, and not exploited. Of a world where women and children are not violated and used. I dream of a world where we greet and welcome one another with kindness and compassion.
As I write this, it is the first day of spring, and yesterday Shelly Leal wrote this in Saturday’s Cosmic Consciousness blog, “Today is a balance point, where we can come to rest in the midst of duality, of yin and yang, masculine and feminine, and take stock of how far we have come and where we want to go next.”
I hope we will all take this moment and do so.
And so I am told:
The lessons humankind struggles to learn are unfortunately basic ones, those of the open heart.  Until each individual learns to go inward, to face and embrace all shadow aspects of the self, forward progress is stymied.  While all must be embraced and acknowledged, an open and willing heart is required to do so.  The fear of not being enough drives the need to be superior to others.  Do you see how that obstructs learning and acceptance?  Do you not yet see that when these situations are presented to each of you that they are opportunities of learning?  
Everything in your world was designed to teach you of rebirth and renewal, which comes from the Heart. This should be obvious by now.  Today is the first day of Spring in what you refer to as your Northern Hemisphere, a perfect reminder of cycles and renewal.  Each year you observe this cycle being played out around you, its message vivid and clear, and yet humankind continues to repeat that which clearly does not work, embracing instead oppression and constraint.
There is a flow to all life that must be honored and acknowledged and it begins within the heart of each individual.  Let this be the moment in time/space where each person chooses the Path of the Heart.  The Earth and every living being depend on your choice.

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  1. Thank you for your words today. It helps to know I am not the only one feeling gutted by the ongoing violence against women and girls in our culture.
    I appreciate your writings so much!

  2. Hi Jan, I am wondering how to reconcile ‘The fear of not being enough drives the need to be superior to others’ with the concept of doing one’s personal best….to be the best person you (each one of us) were put on this Earth to be. Any ideas?

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