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Did we think rebirth would be easy? We are experiencing our second Passover and Easter season under the cloud of Covid, with the underlying themes of death, suffering and rebirth. Now is the perfect moment to stop and check in with ourselves. We knew the world was being made anew, and us within it. Why does it feel so unfamiliar in so many ways?
I have to admit that I occasionally feel a bit unmoored these days. The energy of the world has changed dramatically, becoming more electrical and unpredictable and HUGE. I want to respond in the old familiar ways to all that occurs, and I find I can’t, almost as if I have forgotten how, which leaves me feeling a bit confused and almost overwhelmed. The ground is constantly moving beneath my feet, so grounding myself is a trickier proposition than it used to be. The energies we are dealing with are unfamiliar and glorious, but their very unfamiliarity makes them seem tricky.
We are creatures of habits and patterns, us humans. We want to go on as if *nothing* has changed, and yet, *everything* has changed and continues to change. We are not the same people we were two years ago. We are learning that we are so much more than we thought, with no clear idea of what that “more” might be.
We respond to most stimuli without conscious thought and yet it occurs to me that conscious and deliberate thought might be exactly what is called for here.
Everything is different. There is no going back. We are in a different world, with different rules that do not appear to be clear.
And yet, when I stop and simply listen, I begin to know and recognize this place. When I stop and simply listen, I realize that I am no less supported. When I stop and listen, I hear my Heart/Mind and know that all is well.
And so I am told:
As always, you must begin at the beginning. A newborn bird must grow before it can learn to fly. A human baby does not walk at birth. Humans have long believed themselves superior, but they must learn to grow before they walk or fly. For those accustomed to being “in control,” this period of transformation will rankle. Surrender is the pathway forward, assisted by regular mediation and reflection. Careful consideration of the pathway forward is essential, as it opens the mind and brain. Humankind must relinquish selfish thoughts and aspirations and begin to consider the Whole in all decisions. All thought, words and deeds affect the entirety of existence, and separation thinking prevents the heart/mind and mind/heart from achieving equilibrium. Stop and reflect upon these words, for you can be given no more profound and important assistance. Your resist what you do not know, a sidestep of denial that must be stopped immediately. You cannot learn to walk if you continue to deny that walking exists.
The degree of difficulty adapting to your newer way of Be-ing is entirely up to each individual.
In truth, you are not becoming something “new,” rather one could say you are remembering something forgotten, as you re-member all that you are. You are never denied assistance; indeed, it is you who deny the assistance.
We are here with you, to guard and guide, but these next “steps” of leaving behind outworn patterns of behavior and choice are yours to consciously make. You must choose and accept your choice to embrace all that you are. Many think you have made this choice but doing so includes accepting what you cannot yet know and see, including the associated discomfort of “change.”
Think of this as learning to walk in a different gradient of gravity. With practice and focus, you would learn to adjust. This is no different, and your willingness is the foundation. Stop trying to recreate the past and let your inner world introduce itself to you. Allow the marriage of Heart and Mind to direct all that you do. Allow a new Voice to emerge.
The attempt to control what you do not yet know is fear’s way of preventing you from walking off the cliff into the limitless realm. Your heart knows the truth of what happens when you do indeed allow yourself that step. You have been taught that the road rises to meet you, and yes, this is so. But you, in limiting the perception, might miss the possibility of wings that might instead develop to take you wherever your Soul desires. Or even something more....

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  1. Dear Jan, Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! You as always continue to astound me with your perceptions and your mind boggling Channels. I can’t thank you enough. ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Easter (yesterday).✨✨✨

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