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For the week of December 24, 2018
There is a fury to the Black Moon’s dancing now, an element we have not
observed before. Her playfulness has all but disappeared. Was she
pretending all this time to be playful? Was it all a misdirection so that she
could slip all but unnoticed - at first - into our world and turn everything
on its head?
Watch now as the purpose and the focus of her dance become laser
sharp. She knows exactly what she is doing and she will not hesitate or
stop until her divine task is complete. Don’t shut your eyes because this
dance is one you will won’t want to miss. Prepare for the show of a
We have gone searching for our own angry young man (and woman)
within, that part of us that rebels, lashes out impulsively and speaks words
of hate to strangers. She is here to make sure we find all those
dismembered shadow aspects of ourselves. She is here to make sure that
all masks are removed and that we don’t go to sleep again. She is here to
make certain that all that is hidden is brought into the light. She is here to
wake us up and make us get real. She is here to bring us home to
Here and now we rise again, renewed and reborn. We are stripped bare
and can only face the new world heart first and arms open wide.

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  1. I love everything is written in this webside. I’m a French PhDs professor, concert pianist and composer. Finally someone speaks my language…of heart, love and cosmic connection. Thank you!
    Soon I’ll present to the world an other talent I have!
    We’ll be in touch.
    Lots of love and gratitude,

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