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For the Week of January 28, 2019
This morning I awoke with the dawn, that first ray of sunlight on the
horizon peeking through my window. That image has stayed with me
throughout this morning and I am convinced there is good reason for it.
The Light is showing itself. Is it the Light at the end of the tunnel? Call it
what you will but the Light is here. The shift is unstoppable now. Thanks
to Venus and Jupiter, there is a palpable exhale of harmony and peace,
regardless of external events.
The Sun has traditionally been a masculine principle, strong, powerful and
dominant, but I think it appropriate that it is the dawn that has the spotlight
here. The Divine Masculine is resurrecting and redefining himself. No
longer the aggressive and angry warrior, he now takes his place at Her
side as partner, wise councilor and mate. He has learned from his past
and stepped into the wisdom of maturity, much as She has. They have
both learned that it only works together as equals.
The Sun now represents both of them standing together in their glory and
the power of Wholeness and Unity. The Sun represents the Divine One in
active mode, while the Moon now represents the Divine One, Masculine
and Feminine balanced, in receptive mode.
Dawn and dusk also represent the balance of night and day. Here we have
a brief glimpse of masculine and feminine individually as they move to
harmonize the the polarity of one or the other. All are in equal balance now
and the hours of the day reflect that. The hours of the day endlessly play
out their dance of Unity, forever merging. Together and yet individual,
reminding us of strengths and attributes that have joined so joyously
And so the Sun woke me this morning with its message of Union. He is
here now and we can watch for Him to play His part on the world stage,
both as partner and councilor. Pay no attention to the final temper
tantrums of the Wayward Son. His part is foreordained as well, and what is
more, he knows that to be true.
Welcome the United Sun and the United Moon into your heart, where they
both belong. The rehearsal is over, folks; this is it. The dawn came today
to wake us up and remind us to pay attention. Be vigilant in all you say
and do, being sure your words and thoughts come from the heart and are
in integrity. The mind must partner with the heart from here on in - yet
another partnership we have learned to embrace!

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