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The president, the predominant symbol of the Patriarchy, wants to build a Wall. This wall to keep “undesirables out” has become his obsession. The Mother watches with amusement for she knows that She and her sisters are here to tear walls down. All walls will go: walls within our psyches, walls around out secrets and hidden sins, walls around our borders. The time of Union is upon us. The Divine Feminine is re-membered once again. Her archetypes stand at the ready and have already moved mountains. Inexorably, she confronts and exposes the Patriarchy. The toxic masculine element resists its dismantling but She will prevail. Balance will be restored on Earth. The Mother has allowed him the opportunity to grow and change but now her patience is exhausted. It is time to set her house in order and She will see it done. Buckle up.

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  1. Hi Jan, thank you for the inspiration. I had to laugh at ‘ It is time to set her house in order and She will see it done. Buckle up.’ Yup, that’s exactly what I am doing metaphorically. I can’t believe the mess that has been ignored by others, and now it is my responsibility to clean it up. Thank God I am not lazy, because this is going to take a big effort – thank you Mars in Taurus.

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