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(Since I am not an astrologer, I see the planets as archetypes, rather than how they play out on a chart. The Pluto Saturn conjunction, for instance, I see as a recalcitrant and reluctant Wayward Son being returned home. Pluto stands next to him with his hand on Saturn’s shoulder, indicating to Saturn that forward motion is his only option. No more temper tantrums, no more resistance and fury. His sins and abusive ways have been exposed. The Wayward Son will take his designated place as youngest son of Uranus once more. He has a divine function that must be embodied. He and Pluto are surrounded by the elders who support this endeavor and act as witnesses and motivation for Saturn’s transformation and prodigal return.)
The Wayward Son returns home at last. Escorted by Pluto and surrounded by the company of Divine Feminine and Masculine elders, he will be returned to his rightful place. Pluto ensures that transformation will be delivered and higher callings will prevail. This procession to the conjunction rings with power and songs of joy as it nears exactitude. This much anticipated moment in time/space reverberates with the potential for explosive transformation. The veils fall from eyes and hearts will open. Not all will fall into place easily but fall they will. Stay steady and open hearted on the Observer’s Perch.
The End is here. Long live the New Beginning.

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